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Acoustic Geometry™ Brings Orb Recording Studios’ Sound Full Circle

Acoustic Geometry Brings

Orb Recording Studios’ Sound Full Circle

Acoustic Spaces supplies innovative Curve Diffusors to leading Austin studio

AUSTIN, TX, NOVEMBER 18, 2015 – When Orb Recording Studios was looking to balance the sound of the two control rooms in their 5,600-square-foot studio facility, they turned to Mark Genfan, owner and chief designer at Acoustic Spaces, an acoustic design and technical consulting business, to find an aesthetically pleasing acoustic solution. To meet Orb Studio’s needs, Genfan enlisted the help of John Calder from Acoustic Geometry™, a company offering best-in-class acoustic products for a wide range of professional audio, residential and business applications. Acoustic Geometry provided its Curve Diffusors to round out the acoustic profile of Orb Studio’s control rooms.

With notable clients ranging from popular American rock band Third Eye Blind to rapper Lil’ Wayne, Orb Recording Studios is dedicated to enhancing every client’s creativity by providing a positive, inspiring and stress-free professional environment. The facility features two large, hardwood floating-floor recording studios capable of accommodating any number of players from a solo artist to an orchestra.

“When designing the control rooms, I needed to add rear wall diffusers to refocus the energy back into the room,” says Genfan. “I was introduced to Acoustic Geometry’s line of Curves in 2013 and was immediately interested due to their cylindrical shape, which has a positive history in famous old-school recording spaces and concert halls. The real standout feature of the Curve Diffusor is the exclusive low-frequency control from the added vinyl membrane across the back of the unit that is only found on Acoustic Geometry’s Curves. The tone and resonance of the Curve proves that this product is multi-functional, the design is attractive and it is reasonably priced.”

Genfan utilized Acoustic Geometry’s Curve Diffusors in both retail sizes offered, small and medium, as well as in the special-order size large. He arranged the curves in a large rear wall diffusor array of different sizes and orientations in both control rooms. These arrays ensure the bass frequencies don’t build up in the room and the room remains energetic as sound travels and scatters after leaving the loudspeakers and immediate mixing area.

“The end results were astounding,” says Genfan. “The Curves rounded out the acoustic profile of these critical control rooms, as well as made the room design feel unique. My client and their guests are very pleased with the end result in these rooms. I have since been utilizing Curve Diffusors in other studios and home theaters, and will continue to do so. The support from John Calder and Acoustic Geometry has been extraordinary, and his continued ambition to improve the product line only makes my job easier.”

“We’re really proud to have provided the Curve Diffusors for these beautiful rooms, as well as other projects for Mark,” says Calder. “Fortunately, I was able to visit Orb and hear first-hand how great these rooms sound, and we’re excited about our ongoing relationship with Mark and Acoustic Spaces. Our goal is to bring simple, innovative and affordable sound control solutions to acoustic designers, and also to the retail marketplace. Our products are designed to improve the sound of any environment.”

About Acoustic Geometry

Acoustic Geometry offers innovative, highly-effective, and affordable acoustic and noise-control products for a wide range of professional audio, residential, and business applications. Acoustic Geometry’s best-in-class products will improve the sound of recording studios, video and broadcast facilities, home theaters, music rooms, family rooms, offices, conference rooms, performance venues, houses of worship, and educational facilities. To simplify the creation of natural-sounding acoustic spaces, please visit Videos are available on the Acoustic Geometry YouTube Channel (

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