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Acurus processors Gold-certified by MadVR Labs

“Certified for EnvyTM” Helps Ensure Video Excellence

Indianapolis, IN (September 23, 2022) – Acurus is pleased to announce that its award-winning MUSE and ACT 4 immersive processors are Gold-Certified for EnvyTM by MadVR Labs for use with their Envy video processors.

The Certified for Envy program ensures that audio/video products meet the highest quality standards for video excellence, as determined by madVR Labs. Dealers and consumers can now have confidence that Certified for Envy products meet these standards, and that the products did not introduce video artifacts or degrade video quality based on rigorous testing. It also ensures that certified products are fully compatible with the madVR Envy Pro and Envy Extreme video processors.

The requirements for the AVR/AVP category include reliable and stable HDMI handling, full compatibility with the madVR Envy video processors, and lossless pass-through of all usual source device pixel formats, bit depths, resolutions, and frame rates, including 1080p24 frame packed 3D. These Certified For Envy products passed over 1,100 rigorous tests to achieve certification. For full details on all tests performed and the program requirements, see our Acurus Certificate of Video Excellence.

“Acurus is extremely pleased to be named one of the first madVR Certified Partners”, states Rick Santiago, Acurus’ Co-founder and CEO. “This distinction demonstrates the quality and attention to detail our immersive home cinema products provide and assures the homeowner that they will enjoy an exceptional experience through the combination of state-of-the-art madVR Envy video processing and award-winning Acurus audio processing.”

“We are truly honored that Acurus has entrusted madVR Labs to certify their products for video excellence, and excited to have them as a launch partner in our Certified For Envy program”, says Richard Litofsky, Co-founder and CEO of madVR Labs, LLC. “Achieving “Gold” Certification requires passing over 1,100 rigorous video processing tests, and we applaud their dedication to delivering the utmost in video quality to their customers.”

For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

About Acurus: Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, Acurus is a high-performance audio brand and leader in audio electronics design. Acurus manufactures all its components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronics, mechanical, and software designs. The superior engineering of our products is characterized by modern aesthetics, rock-solid design and construction, and intuitive operation. Acurus products blend the latest technologies in audio, system set-up, and control to create perfectly balanced solutions.

About madVR Labs: madVR Labs manufactures video processing hardware and software products to meet the demands of the most discerning and critical video enthusiasts. Its award-winning madVR Envy Extreme video processor sets the new standard for real-time video processing performance to make life much easier on dealers while delighting their customers. The Envy delivers best in class HDR dynamic tone mapping, upscaling to 8K, instant aspect ratio and black bar management, next generation non-linear stretch, subtitle management, and more.


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