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AtlasIED Highlights GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series of Solutions for Transportation Facilities at ISE 2020

Wide range of products in AltasIED’s GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series support effective mass communications through easy-to-install, scalable, all-in-one solutions.   

Wide range of products in AltasIED’s GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series support effective mass communications through easy-to-install, scalable, all-in-one solutions.   

Phoenix, AZ – (January 15, 2020) – AtlasIED, a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio, mass communication, and security solutions for a variety of industries is showcasing at ISE 2020 in Stand #7-N190 its proven GLOBALCOM® portfolio of products. Specifically, AltasIED is highlighting GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series products and features, which are ideally suited for use in transportation facilities. 

To ensure that the solutions can be implemented in the European market, the GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series was designed and engineered from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands for mass notification and emergency communications set forth by the European fire and safety agencies (EN 54-16), as well as UL-1711 (UL2572 and NFPA72) standards for life safety signaling and paging system. 

While the 5400 Series is a key element for notification during emergency situations, it also excels as a day-to-day communication and paging solution required by the most demanding environments. 

“Transportation is an industry that demands comprehensive, robust, proven communications technology that can support a facility’s need today and in the future,” says John Goodrich, Director of Global Installed Systems, AtlasIED. “Our EN 54-16 certified line of GLOBALCOM® 5400 products provide a full-featured solution that can be easily implemented and utilized for fast, efficient, and effective communications for a variety of transportation applications.”

Meeting the EN 54-16 and UL-1711 standards and part of the GLOBALCOM® 5400 product portfolio is a wide variety of products, creating a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions that can be easily and cost effectively deployed at any type of transportation facility, including airports, subway terminals, and transit stations. Included in the 5400 line are the following products: 

  • Announcement Controllers featuring a built-in message server for life/safety emergency notifications. These units contain all of the intelligence to manage an entire system of emergency communication stations, digital zone manager amplifier units, and other network peripherals. All Announcement Controllers are Dante™-enabled.
  • Input and Communications Stations featuring built-in, high-quality microphones and an option of a fully programmable 16 button interface or a programmable touch screen user interface for initiating audio/visual announcements with the 5400 Series Announcement Control Systems. All models of Input and Communications Stations are both Dante™- and PoE-enabled.
  • Amplifiers and Zone Managers provide processing and management from 4 to 32 paging zones assigned from an IED 5400 Announcement Control System. A wide assortment of 4-channel amplifiers in the line feature Dante™ or CobraNet® technology, 220VAC and 120VAC options, for 70-volt, 70.7-volt, and 100-volt applications. 
  • Auxiliary Input-Output Devices include various network input devices, backup amplifier switching modules, and expansion modules. 
  • Director® System Management Software provides a comprehensive application-specific interface to an IED GLOBALCOM®.IP system. The software provides an easily accessible view of overall system status and simplifies system operation through an intuitive and fully customized graphical user interface. 

Visit AtlasIED at ISE in stand #7-N190 to see its wide range of GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series of audio, mass communications and security solutions, as well as other innovative products. AltasIED also welcomes ISE attendees to its booth for a reception on Wednesday, Feb. 12, from 16:00-18:00. 

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About AtlasIED

A global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial, corporate, educational, healthcare, retail, transportation, and government environments, AtlasIED brings together the legacy, engineering skills, and legendary service of Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronics Design. Offering industry-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP, background music, paging, and sound-masking systems, AtlasIED delivers product lines that span wide and deep, with more than 2,000 innovative audio solutions for businesses of every size. Combined, Atlas Sound and IED products have been installed in more than one million businesses over the past 80+ years.

With nine locations and a network of manufacturer representatives and distributors around the world to provide superior support to dealers and customers, AtlasIED’s customer service is an industry benchmark that competitors strive to match. AtlasIED is family-owned, with manufacturing operations in the United States that hold an ISO9001:2008 Quality Standards Certification to ensure consistently high-quality products, service, and support.

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