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Appspace Support + IPTV, Streaming Enhancements on the menu for MediaStar at InfoComm 2022

MediaStar Systems prepares for return of Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas

MediaStar Systems, developer of the powerful MediaStar range of IPTV, streaming and digital signage solutions is back at InfoComm for the 2022 event in Las Vegas with a host of solutions that are being seen for the first time by a North American audience.

Located on booth N1813, the company will be demonstrating its new products, and showing how its newly announced support for Appspace can benefit workplace experiences.

Appspace Support
The collaboration means that customers will now be able to access functions including digital signage, video, messaging, wayfinding, room-bookings and data from the Appspace platform via their 782 IPTV systems, as well taking advantage of the 782’s HDCP 2.2 Pro and Pro:Idium encrypted media capabilities.

The Appspace partner certification performed by MediaStar applies to the 782 SL and LT models and prior versions of the player with immediate effect. The joint solution will deliver state-of-the-art content management for MediaStar Systems customers. Existing users of Appspace seeking IPTV hardware solutions will also have the peace of mind that in selecting MediaStar, their expectations of performance and support to power in-office employee communications will be fully met.

Media Portal 4.0
Part of MediaStar’s HDCP Professional ecosystem, the new Portal gives users easy access to the assets held in a MediaStar system and can support play-out of unencrypted streamed content while decrypting AES and HDCP Professional streams directly from MediaStar encoders.

MediaStar has made considerable design changes to both its Media Manager and Media Portal products to provide a solution that will allow support for HDCP Professional at the desktop. This is essential for customers who want to ensure they have a secure and encrypted connection across their entire signal path and remain in full compliance with HDCP Professional standards.

Existing customers using MediaStar Media Manager, Media Portal and HDCP Professional Encoders can make a simple adjustment to take advantage of the new feature.

Media Player 782 ‘lite’
The MediaStar 782-LT is suitable for customers looking for all the essential features for 4K IPTV, multi-zone digital signage and digital media delivery but at a lower price point.

The 782-LT decodes H.265, H.264 and MPEG-2 network streams and plays locally stored video files from onboard memory, allowing a combination of live streamed network video/audio and file-based media to be displayed in any deployment.

Despite being ‘lite’, the 782-LT is powerful and ultra-reliable and uses hardware accelerated HTML5 rendering in full 4K UHD screen configuration to show diverse media within different dynamic zones. This means that customers can simultaneously display video, text feeds, tickers, clocks and web pages, and it has the added advantage of touch screen input options and screen control.

The unit can decode AES encrypted media, playout HLS streams and offers the option of HDCP 2.2 Pro capability for users who want to play HDCP protected media assets held within the MediaStar ecosystem.

Media Manager with Analytics

The new version of the Media Manager content management system includes the important addition of an Analytics Module. This allows users to gain a much greater understanding of how and where content is being used across their IPTV or streaming environment, to enhance diagnostics and deliver ‘proof of play’.

MediaStar Media Manager Version 11 makes it easy to create and run charts that analyze and compare media usage on the network. A System Overview Report delivers a summary of the content being played on individual endpoints and enables users to adjust the timeframe so they can see when, and for how long, it was streamed, and how many times this was repeated.

The Analytics Module includes graphs that can be configured to a company’s own specific needs, providing them with dynamic running reports and an animated view of media playout and usage over time. Groups of charts can be easily compiled into the Analytics Dashboard for review, and users can create shortcuts to store the charts they need to access most frequently.

Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar Systems, said: “It has been more than two long years without the opportunity to showcase face-to-face all our new developments, but now the moment has come. We don’t think visitors will be disappointed with the rich array of new offerings as well as support for third-parties, bringing significant advantages to organisations looking to ramp up their IPTV, signage and streaming activities. We are excited to be at InfoComm again, and ready to meet up with visitors, old colleagues and valued partners.”

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