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Archion Pushes Boundaries of Network Storage Performance with Introduction of EditStor Omni Hybrid at NAB 2016

Adds Outstanding IOPS to Ultra High-Throughput To Enable Centralization of Both 4K and Large Render Workflows

Burbank, CA (April 6, 2016) – At this year’s NAB, Archion Technologies is launching EditStor Omni Hybrid, its newest product in its price-performance leading family of collaborative storage solutions for demanding media workflows.  Omni Hybrid is specifically designed to support facilities with both high video streaming and graphic rendering demands.  It offers the powerful combination of an unprecedented amount of  bandwidth through a single 24-bay NAS media server to handle 4K DPX/UHD streaming video and outstanding IOPS performance dedicated to rendering, CGI and transcoding applications.  

In addition to Omni Hybrid, Archion will be showcasing its latest product enhancements for EditStor Omni and Velo as well as important industry partner developments in Booth SL 11130 at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, NV, April 18-21.

Omni Hybrid finally enables today’s creative facilities to avoid storage infrastructure that includes multiple storage servers and complicated, over-priced SAN technology.  Omni Hybrid outperforms all other shared storage solutions and delivers up to 8000 MB/sec. for demanding streaming applications and in excess of 600,000 IOPS for animation and visual effects workflows.  To achieve industry-leading low latency across the whole system, usually requiring competitors to stack several chassis, Archion uses dedicated high-speed SSDs enhanced with its patented intelligence.

“Omni Hybrid has the extreme performance to play back as many as eight DPX streams simultaneously, while also delivering an extraordinary number of IOPS for heavy renders,” said James Tucci, Archion’s Chief Technology Officer.  “It’s a testament to the significant intellectual property we’ve built over the years that enables Archion to offer such tremendous performance out of just a single affordable NAS system, unlike the competition that requires numerous and often external SSD drives.”

A single Omni Hybrid engine with just 24 drives moves streams at 4000 MB/sec., and with Archion’s new technology the speed doubles up to 8000 MB/sec. to allow twice as many streams of 4K DPX/UHD and more simultaneous captures of 4K DPX/UHD video.  Omni Hybrid achieves these incredible NAS bandwidth figures with a dual 40GigE option, delivering up to 200 streams of Ultra HD for 4K workflows.    

With the growing bandwidth and IOPS requirements within content creation environments, Archion has partnered with the leading content creation vendors to deliver the most affordable collaborative workflows solutions.  This growing list of tested applications includes Adobe Creative Cloud and Anywhere 3.0, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Blackmagic Resolve and Fusion, Autodesk Smoke/Flame and Maya, The Foundry Nuke and other demanding workflow tools from respected media technology companies like RED and Telestream.

“As Omni Hybrid and our full line of network storage products demonstrate at NAB 2016, we are strategically focused on developing products that offer broad capabilities and our industry partners recognize that innovative leadership,” said Dan Stern, Vice President of Business Development at Archion.  “Together, we can provide workflow solutions that are affordable, scalable and meet the most demanding creative requirements.”

“We are extremely excited to unveil our latest product, Omni Hybrid, which underscores our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ exacting needs as they move into more demanding workflows,” said Reuben Lima, Archion’s Chief Executive Officer.  “With Omni Hybrid, we are meeting the industry’s requirements of both throughput and IOPS as well as delivering a price/performance ratio that is unmatched by any other company in the marketplace.”

Archion’s EditStor Family

Archion is also announcing upgrades to both its pace-setting EditStor Omni and Velo shared media storage solutions at NAB 2016.  These upgrades now boost the performance of EditStor Omni up to 8000 MB/sec. and EditStor Velo up to 5000 MB/sec.  Previously available with multiple expansion chassis, these speeds are now accomplished with the addition of only a single expansion chassis.

Archion’s EditStor Omni and Velo media storage servers deliver true 4K DPX/UHD performance at very affordable price points and with the ultimate in collaboration.  Fast, secure and easy to install and operate, Omni and Velo combine the power of 12G in a 24- or 16-bay chassis to deliver throughput of 4000 MB/sec. and 2500 MB/sec., respectively.  Adding just a single hot pluggable expansion chassis significantly boosts the performance of Omni and Velo to 8000 MB/sec. and 5000 MB/sec., respectively, and latency is improved by 20%. 

As a multi-protocol NAS for digital video, EditStor Omni and Velo connect to every system via standards-based Internet protocols.  They are optimized for the leading creative applications and provide on-the-fly expansion of shares, full support for and compatibility with several user authentication methods, including LDAP workgroup, Windows Active Directory, Apple Open Directory and much more.  LTO backup, archive and replication management are also included.

PICS Media Management Platform

To help users search, find and share their content, Archion has introduced PICS, its storage browser software platform for media indexing, searching and reviewing.  PICs ships with all new Velo, Omni Hybrid and Omni systems.

PICS is a simple media manager that indexes clips and allows users to search, play video clips, mark in and out points and catalog clips from the EditStor system.  Clips with in and out points can be exported as XML for importing to editing systems.  PICS can be installed on any client that is connected to an EditStor system running Windows or OSX.

About Archion Technologies

Archion, based in Burbank, CA, is a leading provider of high performance and intelligent networked storage solutions specifically designed for the editorial, graphics and other media workflows commonly used by creative teams in the broadcast, production, corporate, education, government, house of worship and sports industries.  Founded by a team of post production, technology and entertainment industry professionals 18 years ago, Archion set out to create a new standard of performance, protection and affordability for shared media storage solutions.  Since then, Archion’s storage technology has been critical to the success of thousands of TV, film, commercial, documentary and other content creation projects and is most often used by professionals using Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic Resolve and other creative tools.


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