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Sound Amazing This Holiday Season by Checking Your List Twice on Audio-Visual Upgrades

The holiday season is officially upon us, and each holiday has its own set of luncheons, gatherings, parties, and large ballroom productions — and every event needs a good sound system to set the mood and get the party started. From playing background holiday hits to supporting presentations or even a karaoke station, a properly-sized installed or loaded-in sound system will turn a good event into a great event.

As a leader in the design and manufacture of commercial audio signal processing and power amplification, Ashly Audio shares some quick advice on how to help assure each event is a success.

Check the System Size

One of the most common issues with portable or even installed sound systems, is the system being too small for the space. An inadequate sound system leads to lack of space coverage, poor quality, unintelligibility, distortion, and at best, a lackluster event.

Driving the system too much can lead to noise, feedback and even potential equipment failure. A well-sized audio system with plenty of headroom for the space will provide a depth of bass response, fidelity and clarity for delivering pleasing and energizing sound coverage. And if the room ends up larger than planned, and more people show up than invited, you’re covered.

Choose Professional

With professional-grade audio systems, you’ll have a lot less to worry about at any gig. Professional, commercial-grade sound system components from leading manufacturers — regardless of their price point or size — are designed for live performance. From the mixer and pre-amp, to the EQ and the processing, on to the power amps and speakers, the entire system needs to be properly robust enough for the event. Skimping on any link within the chain will cause problems. Why invite trouble? Rent or purchase the right equipment for the job.

Plan for All Uses

Along the same lines as delivering good headroom with professional components, it’s good business to have the ability to provide additional, related support systems for an event. Small, mobile video projector and a screen running a simple slide show of images can add a lot of ambiance to an event, and help keep guests engaged. Accent lights, floor lights, LED light ropes, all are a great option. They offer an easy way to add decoration without taking up space, and their versatility allows them to be installed almost anywhere. For larger events, “gobo” type lights with snowflakes or other seasonal images are always a hit. These simple add-ons can be good ways to improve an event.

Have a Backup Plan

Nothing brings down an event faster than a sound system breakdown. It never fails, if something is going to go wrong, it will happen during the CEO’s address, during the band’s best song, or just when everyone is on the dance floor. For this reason, always have back-up equipment. It’s surprising how we often forget additional cables, batteries, power supplies, or a few more mics than planned. Even for small and medium sized events, it’s great to have an extra power amp in the rack.

Larger systems with multi-channel amps can be set for automatic swap-over. Speakers, arrays, and even video projectors should be double stacked. When a problem happens, you can’t stop the party to roll in a lift to check out the gear. Have a back-up plan in place and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Find a Partner for the Holidays

Don’t let holiday opportunities pass you by!

If you’re a venue looking at improving your own events – or renting your space – seek out a local integrator. The time is still right to get a system up and running for the holiday season! Ashly Audio support is happy to connect you with reputable dealers in your area. Simply visit

If you’re an integrator, ensure you are partnering with reliable manufacturers to design systems that can deliver the experience your customers expect – no matter the size or scope. Deliver a professional-quality, entertaining experience this year, and you’ll become the sound system vendor of choice for many holiday seasons to come! For more information on how Ashly Audio can support you in this, contact

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