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AtlasIED Addresses the Evolving Needs of the Commercial Integration Market

During InfoComm 2019, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in the United States, AtlasIED will showcase a powerful new lineup that emphasizes aesthetics, functionality, and exceptional audio fidelity. Supported by the experience and enthusiasm of a newly expanded sales and marketing teams, AtlasIED invites InfoComm 2019 attendees to “Come on a journey with AtlasIED” in booth #5653 and in Audio Demo Room W224F.


New high-end audio solutions being showcased at InfoComm 2019 deliver premium audio quality, superior sound masking, and appealing aesthetics — integrators, architects, designers, and end users are invited to visit, learn more


Phoenix, AZ – June 10, 2019 – AtlasIED —During InfoComm 2019, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in the United States, AtlasIED will showcase a powerful new lineup that emphasizes aesthetics, functionality, and exceptional audio fidelity. Supported by the experience and enthusiasm of a newly expanded sales and marketing teams, AtlasIED invites InfoComm 2019 attendees to “Come on a journey with AtlasIED” in booth #5653 and in Audio Demo Room W224F.


Booth and Audio Demo Room Designed to Inspire

The AtlasIED InfoComm19 booth and Audio Demo Room are designed to show attendees the types of solutions available for a variety of key vertical markets. In the booth, experience hubs featuring current offerings for corporate, healthcare, education, and transportation environments will be showcased. Transportation, education and hospitality offerings take center stage in the AtlasIED Audio Demo Room, where real-world airport gate, classroom and lounge environments showcase what’s possible with AtlasIED.


By visiting the AtlasIED InfoComm booth and Audio Demo Room attendees will take a journey through practical uses of category-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP, background music, paging, and sound-masking products and solutions.


NEW: Texas Tough Equipment Racks Showcase & Secure Mission Critical Gear


Designed for durability, functionality and aesthetics, Texas Tough racks lock equipment away for safety yet easily accessible for maintenance. Through the DesignLab™ customization process, the innovative Digital Rack Crown can be designed with the integrator’s name and contact information (or that of the client, tech support, etc.), making it easy for clients to request a service call quickly. The LED edge-lit Plexiglas badge can also be programmed to change color when an equipment fault occurs, thanks to an integrated circuit board and contact closure connected to a remote fault indicator that can also include an audible alarm.


The front and rear rails install to the DIN rails via the patented DINlok™ technology system. The installation is tool-less and positively locks the rail into a specific location within provided 1-inch increments. Racks are available in a variety of stocked sizes and can also be built to custom specifications, all of which can be configured online as part of AtlasIED’s Rapid System Configurator. Texas Tough racks can stand-alone or lock together in a gangable array for the largest projects. New for InfoComm 2019, AtlasIED’s Texas Tough racks are now shipping.


Now Shipping: Sound Masking Solutions Support Healthcare, Educational, and Corporate Needs with Easy Installation and Simple Operation


From healthcare facilities and clinics to office spaces, today’s buildings require background music, paging, and sound masking systems that easy to install and even easier to use.


The AtlasIED Z Series is an all-in-one sound masking solution consisting of either a four-zone (Z4) or two-zone (Z2) high-definition acoustical system. With integrated pink and white noise generators for sound masking, plus a mic-line input for paging/background music and a Bluetooth receiver for wireless music transmission, the Z Series provides high-quality speech privacy, high-definition background music, and paging functionality.


Now shipping, the Z Series models are easy to install, with a slim, clean design that is aesthetically pleasing in virtually any application. Models can be mounted in-wall, on-wall, or in a rack. Once installed, all hardware and wiring are centrally located behind the secure front panel, making it convenient and easy to access for post-installation service. The front panel display allows for system programming as well as end-user control. As an accessory, the wireless privacy enhancement button compliments this ease-of-control for users.


Now Shipping: Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS) Puts Aesthetics First


For applications where aesthetics are paramount, including retail and hospitality venues, as well as corporate boardrooms, museums, and architecturally interesting environments, the Strategically Hidden Speaker is a step forward in loudspeaker design.


Now shipping, the SHS merges superior sound quality with thoughtful design so that the speaker virtually disappears into the ceiling.


The first-of-its-kind concealed design of the SHS is achieved by Adaptive Dispersion Lens Technology, a new, patented waveguide form. Only a 3-inch diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible on the ceiling. The dispersion lens can be easily painted allowing the SHS to blend in without compromising the architectural aesthetic of the room. Easy to specify and install, the SHS Series speakers include three dispersive lens configurations for enhanced flexibility and functionality in any room, regardless of ceiling height.


For design sensitive environments, AtlasIED’s DesignLab™ custom print process uses an incredibly accurate UV-printer to replicate colors, textures, and patterns, enabling the SHS to blend into any environment. Simply upload an image, provide a numeric color specification, or send a 6-inch sample of the ceiling tile to be matched, and the experts at AtlasIED will do the rest, delivering perfectly matched SHS lenses for any project.  


“Years in development, the SHS Series delivers highly intelligible audio with optimal bass response and ultra-wide, 180-degree dispersion,” says AtlasIED President and CEO John Ivey. “Offering full coverage in any environment, the SHS is a first of its kind speaker that puts the needs of the architectural and design community first, while delivering the audio quality today’s integrators demand for their clients.”


Now Shipping: IPX Series IP Endpoints Bring High-Tech VoIP Communications to Schools and More

Tailored to the K-12 educational and healthcare markets as well as other facilities requiring a robust, high-tech communications system, the third-generation IPX Series IP endpoints ensure quick and efficient notification through audio and visual messaging.


Available now, the IPX Series is being hailed as an excellent solution for expanding VoIP or SIP communications systems by integrating endpoints to offer greater coverage than traditional handset-based systems. The IPX series includes speakers and visual displays, all with

the foundational features found in previous models that have been serving the market for almost 20 years, now with modern styling and an upgraded high-resolution display.


Through a Unified Communications (UC) environment or the AtlasIED GLOBALCOM.IP ecosystem, the IPX Series delivers smart automation, including pre-programmed notifications for common functions like bells and critical alerts. A comprehensive library of pre-recorded messages is available through GLOBALCOM.IP or .EDU, which can be broadcast across the facility or directed to specific zones.


The IPX Series uses existing IT infrastructure for convenience and cost-savings and offers Auto Provisioning once it is on the network. “Talk To Me” Interoperability ensures the IPX units can work within any VoIP system, as they are open-platform engineered to communicate and be controlled by the top-selling providers of Unified Communications software platforms and standard SIP PBX systems.


“AtlasIED IPX Series IP-based audio and video communications endpoints live on the existing network and offer unrivaled flexibility,” says Alex Puorro, VP of IP Endpoint Development. “They’re really quite exciting in terms of capability and convenience.”  


Visit AtlasIED at InfoComm 2019 to Experience the Future of Commercial Audio


To see innovative, uncompromising audio solutions for a variety of commercial environments and applications, visit AtlasIED in Booth #5653 and Audio Demo Room W224F during InfoComm, which takes place from June 12 – 14, 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.


About AtlasIED

A global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial, corporate, educational, healthcare, retail, transportation, and government environments, AtlasIED brings together the legacy, engineering skills, and legendary service of Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronics Design. Offering industry-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP, background music, paging, and sound-masking systems, AtlasIED delivers product lines that span wide and deep, with more than 2,000 innovative audio solutions for businesses of every size. Combined, Atlas Sound and IED products have been installed in more than one million businesses over the past 80+ years.


With nine locations and a network of manufacturer representatives and distributors around the world to provide superior support to dealers and customers, AtlasIED’s customer service is an industry benchmark that competitors strive to match. AtlasIED is family-owned, with manufacturing operations in the United States that hold an ISO9001:2008 Quality Standards Certification to ensure consistently high-quality products, service, and support.


Learn more at Follow AtlasIED on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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