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AVLI Upgrades Sacred Space with Martin Audio WPM

Miami’s Sacred Space was recently upgraded by Audio Video Lighting Innovations (AVLI) with a new sound system that included a Martin Audio WPM system, SXF115 and SX218 subs.

Self-described as a “holistic lifestyle brand,” Miami’s Sacred Space recently underwent an audio upgrade by Audio Video Lighting Innovations (AVLI) that included a Martin Audio WPM system, SXF115 and SX218 subs.

As described by AVLI’s James Reed, the site “is a unique space located in midtown Miami between downtown and the design district that can be rented out for holistic and wellness seminars, has advanced yoga sessions, and is home base for a restaurant called Plant Miami which is all plant-based cuisine.”

Asked about the project, James explains: “We did the build-out two years ago that included the lighting, audio and control aspects of the entire property. The main space is a very clean-looking white room about 200 x 100 ft, so we designed a state-of-the-art LED lighting system where the truss can be illuminated with whatever color they want. And we knew we had to design a sound system that would be extremely flexible given all the different kinds of events they would be holding in that space that range from seminar speeches to high energy yoga classes and a moon dance to celebrate the full moon.

“More recently, they wanted us to upgrade the speaker system that wasn’t really providing the output they needed in their large main room. They wanted it to be louder but not too harsh on people’s ears, which led us to recommend a Martin Audio WPM system.

“So we designed a larger system for that room, had it verified by the engineers at Martin Audio, recommended it to the client and they went for it. When we installed the system and powered it up, they were coming out of their offices trying to figure out why the building was shaking. They were obviously amazed with the output and coverage of the WPM system from first listening.”

The actual system consists of a main array that includes a SX115 sub with four WPM cabinets underneath on each side at the extreme right and left of the room powered by a Martin Audio iK81 power amp and given the room wasn’t acoustically challenging, four-box resolution provided the necessary coverage and consistency. Because space is at a premium, four SX218 subs can be positioned in a variety of configurations alongside the stage and throughout the room based on the needs of the event.

In terms of the client’s reaction, James adds, “We definitely hit a home run with this one and delivered exactly what they were looking for. A flexible system that’s extremely clear in terms of intelligibility when people are on the microphone with background or live music, the voice really cuts through the mix on the system. And the music reproduction is amazing, really good. In fact, Sacred Space’s owner, a very successful lifestyle entrepreneur who is into high quality, really loves the system!”

Commenting on the system, Jonny Montoya, Production Manager for Sacred Space, concludes, “The Martin Audio system is very flexible and works very well for all kinds of events including everything from lectures and yoga sessions to a full concert. The sound quality is excellent, very clear and the coverage is perfect from the flown system and the four subs that can be used throughout the space.”

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