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Barnfind Technologies Provides Hospitals in Eastern Europe with Sophisticated Fiber Communications Infrastructure

Barnfind Technologies Provides Hospitals in Eastern Europe with Sophisticated Fiber Communications Infrastructure

Barnfind’s Czech Republic partner, KASO TOGA, taps BarnOne and BarnMini solutions for integration, control and and routing of video signals systems for comprehensive Telemedicine application 

Sandefjord, Norway, 1 September 2020 – Barnfind Technologies, an international leader in fiber transport solutions, has announced that it’s delivered fiber communications infrastructure systems to several hospitals in Eastern Europe. Working in cooperation with its Czech Republic partner, KASO TOGA s.r.o. Barnfind has provided products from its BarnOne and BarnMini series to be used for the integration, control and routing of video signals to/from a variety of operating rooms and hospital auditoriums, offices and theaters. Barnfind’s technology is an essential component in the conversion, transportation and routing of images up to 4K/60fps standard, critical requirements in Telemedicine applications.

Barnfind’s intuitive touch monitor interface provides control over the entire video transport system. In addition, the system includes teleconferencing features permitting communication between the operating rooms in university hospitals, conference rooms and observation halls at various universities. Surgeries and procedures are able to be recorded for use in the education of doctors and students. KASO TOGA also integrates audio and provides control of various hospital systems such as hall lighting, shadow-less operating room lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, door access, etc.

KASO TOGA’s Martin Hyrnik, explains, “Using Barnfind systems in concert with solutions from other technology partners enables images from medical devices such as endoscopes, laparoscopes and microscopes to be transported/routed to other locations and displayed for teaching and collaborative purposes. The main application, however, is to display information such as X-ray images, magnetic resonance imaging and real-time tomography during operations on various installed monitors throughout the facility.”

Wiggo Evensen, co-founder of Barnfind Technologies is extremely proud to be contributing to several advanced hospital systems and is looking forward to continuing to work with KASO TOGA for years to come. He says, “Developing advanced solutions for the telemedicine industry is very satisfying from an emotional perspective; in some ways, we are helping doctors and medical staff save lives. Barnfind’s flexible BarnOne is perfect for situations where routing, conversion and signal transport of electrical and optical signals is needed.  This is essential for the collaboration and education of life-saving doctors in surgical procedures.”

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