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Beale Street Audio: Bringing Memphis to Dallas

Exotic build materials, robust bracing solutions and pivoting tweeters have been the hallmark achievements in architectural speaker design since the first residential solutions were developed decades ago. Over the course of time, the principal design elements of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have remained generally unchanged, and so has the performance, until now.

CEDIA 2015 attendees have the opportunity to experience a unique enclosure design called Sonic Vortex that produces unprecedented levels of bass output and room energizing dynamics from in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Sonic Vortex is the key technology behind Beale Street Audio’s speaker and subwoofer lines and is literally a twist on the traditional ported enclosure design.

Sonic Vortex has its roots in transmission line technology. The single main port of the speaker’s enclosure is separated into multiple smaller ports and spread throughout multiple stacked sections called “fins” that are tuned using a mathematical equation to achieve the ideal frequency response. The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to cabinet rigidity. The end result is deep, rich bass and exceptional clarity that is unexpected from such a small enclosure. Another advantage is flatter frequency response and a 6 to 9 db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges compared to sealed enclosure or traditional ported models.

Scalability is another important benefit of Sonic Vortex. The depth and width of the integrated enclosure of many models can be tailored in manufacturing to accommodate installation dimensions, while still providing enhanced output compared to competitive products. Sonic Vortex does not require expensive rare earth metals or cost-prohibitive development, Beale Street Audio dealers can sell differentiating performance at a value.

Also, because Sonic Vortex drastically reduces driver motion and cabinet vibrations, Beale Street Audio speakers and even subwoofers can often be installed directly into drywall without the need for complicated and expensive back-boxes or internal bracing, and without fear of damage to the wall. This flexibility is a huge value-add for integrators working in challenging conditions.

As an added benefit to partners, Beale offers a Street Smart Dealer program with policies designed to protect, simplify and reward. Apart from traditional offerings like no online sale, replacement guarantees, and white-glove customer service, the program also offers value-added perks such as free upgrades if a product is out of stock, same day shipping (cut-off times apply), “try it/buy it” program, employee and showroom discounts, and more.

Beale’s Street Smart Dealer program also includes a Dealer Bill of Rights and rebate program. Structured around a play on the word “street,” different program levels are assigned to depending on their rank. For example, “Autobahn” is the program’s most lucrative level and applies to dealers spending a designated amount quarterly, who, in turn, will earn a significant cash rebate as well as deep discounts off showroom and personal use pricing. Other program levels include: the Highway, Country Road, Main Street, and Drive Thru.

There’s no doubt it’s in Beale’s pedigree to be a disruptive force and to bring some of the Memphis musical energy into the category to make selling audio fun and rewarding. If you’re headed to CEDIA, check them out in booth #7406. For some added fun, Beale Street Audio will also adorn entry areas, food areas and other locations within the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center CEDIA Expo hall in Dallas with Sonic Vortex Powered Speakers hanging from lampposts to provide the soundtrack to your CEDIA Expo experience and to bring some Memphis vibes to Dallas.

Tweet them at @GetBeale to put in your song requests and treat yourself to a Sonic Vortex demo while you’re there.

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