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Beaverton Fourquare Church Upgrades Sanctuary Sound with RCF Line Array

Beaverton Foursquare is a contemporary church serving the Beaverton, Oregon area for over 50 years. The church holds three services on Sundays, with an average total attendance of 4,500 weekly. The Spirit-filled church offers a worship style that is a mixture of contemporary music along with a fresh take on the great hymns of the church. To serve those needs, the facility recently reached out to Hillsboro, Oregon-based Small Town Productions for a solution.

            “When we first approached the church about a system upgrade, we demonstrated the RCF HDL20-A two-way dual 10” line arrays,” says Small Town Productions owner Russell Havlik, “Heads turned and grins started beaming.

“As we continued to talk to the church counsel about their true needs, with the variety of services and uses of the sanctuary we determined there was need for more program presets, zone control and other communications with the system.”

The decision then was to present the RCF TT+ Series solution. The TTL33-A three-way line array modules provided even more clarity, and the onboard RDNet control and monitoring DSP, “had their heads in the clouds,” says Havlik, noting how they can tailor the system to the specific needs of the service.

The system is comprised of two sets of four TTL33-A and two sets of TTL31-A line array modules to cover the congregation that encircles the in a 210-degree radius around the stage. Two TT52-A dual 5” 2-way cabinets are utilized for lip fill in the front of the stage area.

The previous system was composed of 13 two-way point source cabinets. “Going to the RCF line arrays decluttered the look of the sanctuary,” noted Havlik. “And the sound is night and day from what we had experienced. The RCF system really puts the sound right in your lap.”

The services are contemporary, typically running 87-92 dB. And while not rock-and-roll, acknowledged there are times service segments can run upwards over 100 dB. The new system achieves that easily and cleanly.

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