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BEIRG announces IPS & Raycom as new members

Following recent news of restructuring, the BEIRG Steering Group is delighted to announce further  new members joining the team, this time in the shape of IPS (Institute of Professional Sound) and Raycom. These new members reaffirm BEIRG’s commitment to meet the challenges still faced by the PMSE Community as a result of ongoing spectrum changes, especially in the UHF frequency bands.

The Institute of Professional Sound champions the highest quality of sound production and sound recording in all forms of broadcast, recorded, and live events. The IPS provides support, training, standards, community, and professional recognition for our members in the media industries. The Institute is a limited company and a registered charity. It is run by an elected Executive Committee, members of which are Directors of the Institute and Trustees of the Charity, assisted by the Secretariat.

Since 1984 Raycom has used its close working relationship with the UK’s premier broadcasters and location sound engineers to secure distribution rights with some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of professional broadcast quality audio solutions. In addition to the key brands they currently distribute, including Wisycom, Lectrosonics, and Phonak, Raycom continue to build their range of accessories from a number of well-respected suppliers including Sennheiser, Sound Devices, 3 Dio, Schoeps, Vokkero, Sanken, Audio Ltd, DPA and many more.

Commenting on the changes Simon Clark Chairman of IPS said, “As an organisation, we have had a long and fruitful relationship with BEIRG, and have been closely involved with their work. It makes sense at this point in time to put that work on a more direct footing, and we look forward to working with the team at BEIRG to ensure that all of our members spectrum needs are delivered and deliver sustainable access for our current and future requirements.”

Managing Director at Raycom, Pyers Easton added, “It’s amazing to think that BEIRG has been doing this work for over fifteen years. As a company we have always had a keen input into what BEIRG has been doing, and although some people may think that with very successful 700MHz and 800MHz funding rounds behind them the work is over, it’s clear to see that there are still very important issues to be resolved. The entire team at Raycom look forward to working more closely with the BEIRG Steering Group and achieving all of our objectives.”


Duncan Bell from the BEIRG Steering Group welcomed the new additions stating, “We’re delighted to add IPS and Raycom to our growing list of partners, the wealth of insight and experience of their members and staff will be an invaluable addition to the growing team at BEIRG.”

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