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Breakthrough eight-chapter “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? is available for immediate purchase for the revolutionary low price of US $69.95, allowing teachers, administrators, and students to join a movement that fundamentally changes the way training is delivered to K-12 school systems.

Hosted by an avatar named Mrs. Blossom, the course comes with built-in LMS (Learning Management System) administrative facilities that allow administrators to allocate courses to individuals and groups and track progress to completion.

Blossom Learning will introduce a series of online training courses designed to start a movement that inspires a greater use of technology in the classroom. This will lead to more creativity in the classroom; will maximize returns on hardware investments, and shrinks traditional training budgets.

TORONTO, CANADA, January 19, 2010 — The world’s first teacher-designed, 100% online training course that brings the SMART Board fully to life in every K-12 classroom was introduced today by Toronto, Canada based Blossom Learning (

), an innovative online training company comprised of former educators and AV presentation professionals who are dedicated to transforming the way technology is integrated in the classroom.

Now available for immediate purchase at

the “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? provides K-12 teachers and school administrators with a simple low cost way to fully maximize their investment in SMART Boards. That’s because, the 100% Internet based “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? is being made available for the precedent-setting price of only US $69.95. What’s more, the eight-chapter step-by-step guide to fully integrate the SMART Board into any classroom environment is hosted by a 21st Century avatar named “Mrs. Blossom,”? a composite K-12 teacher that every professional educator will immediately relate to.

“Its time to change the way educators learn how to use the SMART Board,”? declared David Weatherhead, Blossom Learning’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “There’s more than one way to do training and it doesn’t just have to be face-to-face based. Our course offers a supplement to traditional training, as well as an impressive stand alone offering for districts on tight budgets. Thanks to the robustness of today’s high-speed Internet, we can now develop and deliver comprehensive and compelling online training courses that inspire creativity in the classroom, help school districts leverage their investments in hardware technologies, and dramatically increase the productivity of every dollar invested in training. We know that this is a bold challenge, but we believe we are meeting this challenge with our first course for the SMART Board. Other courses on other technologies will follow.”?

Indeed, with the average cost of a typical face-to-face SMART Board training seminar now hovering around $1500 for a three day equivalent course (not including supply teacher and travel expenses), it’s clear how the US $69.95 priced Blossom Learning “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? could radically transform the SMART Board training landscape, particularly for school districts located in remote areas where face-to-face training is rarely available.

According to Paul Weatherhead, Operations Manager, Blossom Learning is committed to showing teachers how to easily and creatively integrate technology in their daily lesson plans. “And there is no better place to start than the SMART Board,”? he asserts. “The SMART Board has become the centerpiece of millions of classrooms around the world and, if teachers do not learn how to apply this technology in their daily lives, then millions of children will miss out on creative lessons.”?

The “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? is designed to be a complete and affordable training solution that comes with built-in LMS administrative facilities that allow school districts to facilitate purchases, allocate courses to teachers, and track individual teacher progress toward completion. The course is priced low enough to allow individual teachers to purchase it on their own as well as administrators to purchase it for their entire school district. And, because it does feature built-in LMS facilities, administrators can measure the productivity of their investment teacher by teacher.

Get up and running with a SMART Board within ten minutes:

Designed by former teachers and AV presentation professionals, the “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? integrates 21st century information and animation into an eight chapter course hosted by the teacher avatar Mrs. Blossom. The course clearly and completely shows how to bring a SMART Board to life in a classroom. Unlike traditional product focused training, Blossom Learning’s solution is focused on applying the technology to the art of teaching.

According to David Weatherhead, the “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? allows teachers to complete training on their schedule, which shouldn’t take any more than two to three weeks. However, teachers will be able get up and running with the SMART Board within ten minutes of beginning our course! By the time they are finished, teachers will have progressed sequentially from the Fundamentals level through the Intermediate and Advanced levels, and receive a personalized Certificate of Completion.

“Until today, teachers might have had to wait to get any formal training on the SMART Board installed in their classroom,”? David Weatherhead explained. “As a result, some teachers have had to rely on a sort of trial and error approach to integrating the board in their daily lesson plans. Our course eliminates this trial and error and allows teachers to begin training immediately, at a very affordable price. As well, the LMS features allow administrators to measure the total return on their entire SMART Board investment. We think the combination of all of these features allows all of us who are involved with education to create a new movement in educational training. Together, we will change the way technology training is delivered throughout the entire K-12 education system!”?

The online course is available immediately in English. French will be added in March 2010 and Spanish will be added in June 2010. Other languages will shortly follow. The course also includes PDF-formatted homework practice sessions, as well as end-of-chapter reviews and quizzes that must be completed before proceeding to the next section.

Blossom Learning will be demonstrating its “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? at FETC 2010 in Orlando, Florida from January 12-15, 2010 at Booth #621 in the Orange County Convention Center and then again at TCEA 2010 in Austin, Texas from February 8-12, 2010 at Booth #2671 in the Austin Convention Center.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Blossom Learning is an innovative online training solutions provider comprised of former educators and AV presentation professionals who share a commitment to bring technology to life in the classroom environment through applied online training courses that are comprehensive, compelling, and priced to revolutionize the way teachers learn. The privately held company was started in 2009 and is located at 110 Cumberland Street, Suite 330, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3V5 Canada. The main telephone number is 1-877-390-7560. For additional information about Blossom Learning, please visit



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