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Carl Tatz Gives Lecture At Summer NAMM TEC Tracks

– Powerful Near-Field Monitoring Techniques Revealed –

Nashville, TN: TEC Award-winning studio designer and monitoring expert Carl Tatz, principal of Carl Tatz Design LLC (CTD), gave a lecture at TEC Tracks at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN, where he shared his experience and insight while providing some useful tools that attendees could apply in their personal studios. Tatz covered many topics during his talk, including exposing the truth about near-field monitoring anomalies, understanding the challenges and solutions to getting good bass response, and finding out how to set up the most important element in their control rooms.

Using diagrams illustrating proprietary techniques via video displays as well as frequency response and phase graphs from actual client monitoring systems, Tatz was able to demonstrate what issues arise in control room near-field monitor setups related to low-end and stereo imaging and what can be done to maximize results. In doing so, Tatz revealed a bit of his acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System monitor tuning protocol. 

Attendees were able to have specific questions about their personal studios answered during a Q&A period and later at a meet-and-greet post lecture gathering. “Carl was able to explain to us some pretty complicated stuff in surprisingly simple terms that was very useful,” stated attendee engineer Vincent Matone.

Tatz went on to comment, “These lecture venues are really fun, and it’s rewarding for me to be able to share some tools that the attendees won’t learn about anywhere else.”

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