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The University of Copenhagen in Denmark upgraded control systems in 39 lecture halls and classrooms to modern and user-friendly interfaces that are easy to adapt to its ever changing needs

The University of Copenhagen already had AV control systems installed in its classrooms, but the Impera Uniform from Biamp would allow administrators to be more adaptable for possible future changes in the AV equipment setup. The University of Copenhagen also likes to be an early adopter when it comes to implementing new technology into learning spaces, if and when it makes more sense for the users, making the Impera Uniform Control Pad a perfect fit.

Simply better

It was time to upgrade the AV equipment since the existing control device was too old to keep up with today’s needs for usability. Employees of the AV department had seen Uniform at a conference, at which point they contacted Audio Visuelt Centrum A/S (AVC), a reseller. According to Lars Palmqvist, AV staff member at the University of Copenhagen, their experience of working with Biamp and AVC as the reseller and integrator has been to their satisfaction.

“With Biamp, we get an extremely high level of service. AVC was in charge of the implementation and also provided great service. It was all-around teamwork,” Lars Palmqvist states. The upgrade of their AV control systems has resulted in increased flexibility, a visually more intuitive user interface and better functionality, and it works in everyone’s favor.

No more than meets the eye

The upsides of the AV control system apply to both the users and the staff in charge of buying and configuring the AV equipment at the university. In terms of user experience, Uniform is designed for wall mounting; making it easy for users to locate, and enabling them to operate the room equipment very intuitively.

”By pressing a single button, everything is up and running. That’s what makes a great user experience,” Lars Palmqvist states, and continues, “It is very easy to understand. Definitely user-friendly.” Being the decision-maker and in charge of buying the new control systems, Lars Palmqvist also emphasizes the importance of Biamps’ competitiveness in relation to the market price, “Biamp is competitive both in terms of price and function. Similar brands on the market typically require the installation of multiple products and devices to function properly. With Impera Uniform, Biamp just brings it all together in a single product.”

The Biamp Impera Uniform Control Pad

It’s not rocket science

From a programming point of view, the Impera Uniform makes it possible to configure the device using the external USB port and adapt along the way. As Christian Mantalos Dannevang, business development director at AVC explains: “This is a smarter model both in terms of configuring, and the fact that it uses E-ink paper display. This means that you can upload the elements you wish to connect.”

Lars Palmqvist elaborates: “This Control Pad make our job significantly easier. The display offers flexibility because we don’t have to make physical labels. Everything is done directly from the computer and is then uploaded to the Uniform using the external USB port, so if we want to make changes in the future, we don’t have to take it apart.” Impera Uniform Control Pad is flexible, functional, and time saving.

“It’s not rocket science, of course, but that’s exactly what’s important for us; it shouldn’t be rocket science,” Palmqvist states. “They like being an early adopter, and it paid off.”

About Biamp

Biamp is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audiovisual installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

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