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Celebrations at Lambeau Field Rely on Fulcrum Acoustic

Green Bay, Wisconsin – September 2015… While best known as the home of the legendary Green Bay Packers NFL team, Lambeau Field is a destination in its own right. Among its many attractions is the five-story Atrium, an event space for groups of 400 and more which features brick architecture and dramatic four-story windows. Another special attraction on game days is the Tundra Tailgate Zone, a huge tent set up in the stadium parking lot where fans party and get ready for the action to come. Green Bay A/V and production company Made Ya Look, Inc., supplies PA systems and front-of-house engineers for events in both venues, using Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers.

“In the Tundra Tailgate Zone tent, we use four Fulcrum FA22ac self-powered, dual 12-inch, coaxial loudspeakers, placed on a scaffold,” explains Made Ya Look director of audio John Gibson. “We love the Fulcrum coaxial speakers’ dispersion, evenness across the whole frequency range, and smooth sound, especially in the high end. They sound like a studio monitor—very accurate. The FA22ac speakers are much louder and cleaner than with previous systems we used; the sound in the far back of the space is astoundingly better.”

Made Ya Look also provides audio for corporate events in the Atrium. With its massive brick walls and vast expansions of glass, keeping the sound directed on the audience and off reflective surfaces is critical. To accomplish this, Made Ya Look opted for a distributed sound system, with Fulcrum FA22ac’s employed as delay speakers to provide direct sound to the back of the room.

“There’s close to five seconds of reverb in the Atrium,” observes Gibson, “and for corporate events, it’s important that people be able to distinguish what is being said. Using Fulcrum coaxial loudspeakers as satellites lets us maximize intelligibility, with even dispersion. We also like that the Fulcrum loudspeakers have a built-in delay; we just hook it up to our computer and use the software to get the settings right.”

The Fulcrum Acoustic FA22ac is a three-way, multipurpose loudspeaker with a rotatable horn and 90° x 45° dispersion. Powered by two 1,050W Powersoft amplifiers, it can be pole-mounted, stacked, or suspended. “I did an outdoor event with just two FA22ac speakers on sticks, and they did a great job,” recalls Gibson. “It was powerful and clear; I didn’t need more than just the two loudspeakers. We also have a pair of Fulcrum TS215 dual 15-inch, direct-radiating subwoofers that we use for bands outdoors.”

Lambeau Field is hallowed ground for football fans everywhere, and especially for residents of the Green Bay region. People are passionate about this place, and excellence is a core part of its tradition. Made Ya Look is up for the challenge, says Gibson. “With Fulcrum speakers, we are able to provide excellent sound, even in the most challenging acoustical environments.”

Full disclosure: Fulcrum VP of Engineering David Gunness owns one share of Green Bay Packers, Inc. 


Note: photo credit on exterior shot:
“Lambeau Field” by JL1Row – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –…


About Fulcrum Acoustic – Founded in 2008, Fulcrum Acoustic is a professional loudspeaker manufacturer known for its unique approach to loudspeaker design. Employing the research of company co-founder David Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic combines proprietary coaxial design and Temporal EqualizationTM processing power to create the most powerful and versatile line of loudspeakers available.  

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