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Christie Interactive Video Wall Transforms the Cleveland Digital Public Library Into Dynamic Showcase

Installed by AVI-SPL, Christie Multi-Touch LCD Flat Panel Display changes digital content into bolder, interactive experience

Christie LCD flat panels and Christie Interactivity Kit are transforming how visitors learn about Cleveland, its history and its people at the Cleveland Digital Public Library. The library wanted a better way to promote its digital collection, which was limited to online viewing through the Digital Gallery, and realized it could highlight its collections on an interactive video wall and bring the material to life.

After examining several options, the library chose Christie high-definition LCD panels, installed in a 4 by 1 design, to provide an impressive 36 square foot, almost seamless digital canvas. Installed by AVI-SPL, the array changed the library’s digital collection into dynamic highly engaging content that is capturing the attention of visitors.

“We wanted something already market tested, easy to install and maintain, and augment. It also had to be relatively easy to add content to and able to use in different applications,” said Chatham Ewing, digital library strategist, Cleveland Public Library. “The Christie system gave us what we needed at a price point within our budget.”

“A video wall in itself is not unique, but the additional facet of multi-touch capability through the Interactivity Kit allows visitors to manipulate our collections in a new way, to play with them, to encounter the materials using a different set of senses beyond the visual,” said Ewing. “The images are larger; the maps are much more dramatic and easier to see with the Christie flat panels. Visitors get a more ‘real,’ more memorable impression of what we’re doing and this makes it easier for people to discover Cleveland and its history.”

The Christie video wall with Interactivity Kit is a huge success and the library is looking forward to using many of the wall’s capabilities for applications including geo-tagging and plotting walking tours through Cleveland’s past and present.   

“We have had classes come in, everything from kindergarten students to classes from the local vocational tech school who are learning about careers in technology and who are interested in how we do programming with the wall or how we track digital files,” said Ewing. 

“Christie digital display walls are highly customizable, and can be equipped with a wide range of tools that allow users to create, present and manipulate content in new and exciting ways,” said Kathryn Cress, vice president, global & corporate marketing, Christie. “The Cleveland Digital Public Library is an excellent example of how visual display technology helps educational institutions reach a new generation of tech-savvy patrons.” 

Christie’s 55-inch LCD panels are professional-grade and ideal for a wide range of indoor digital display wall applications. The ultra-narrow bezel, flat panel display offers full HD resolution, high pixel density and an LED-backlit screen.  

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