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Continental Air Show Productions Thrills Crowds with Biamp Loudspeakers

Continental Air Show Productions (CASP) focuses on producing exceptional audio experience for large audiences at numerous outdoor events with Biamp loudspeaker technology

AMELIA, Ohio – October 19, 2022 – Continental Air Show Productions (CASP), the longest-running sound and production service provider within the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS), supports airshows across the United States at various outdoor venues, each with its own acoustical challenges.

CASP focuses on producing exceptional audio experiences—with loudspeakers and amplifiers that deliver total reliability—for large audiences at numerous outdoor events. That’s why CASP selected Biamp, a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions, and its Community™ R.5HP, R.35-3896, R.25 and RSH-462 loudspeakers, and ALC-1604D amplified loudspeaker controllers.

The Biamp solutions offer unparalleled equipment reliability and highly intelligible audio delivery across many different outdoor venues.

CASP began in 1969, and since 2019 has been run by longtime Operations Director, Dave Olmstead (who also owns Behind The Scenes Productions, a Biamp dealer).

Today, CASP supports approximately 30 air shows and several other outdoor events from coast to coast. They provide sound, custom audio tracks for fireworks displays, and announcing services.

Outdoor events such as air shows present numerous acoustical challenges including weather, wind direction, crowd noise, electrical generators, vehicle movement, and venue size.


CASP has two rigs that travel to the air shows the company supports, using Community R.5HP and R.35-3896 loudspeakers. The larger of the two rigs deploys three Community RSH-462 loudspeakers to deliver extra-long-throw output required in larger venues.

Both loudspeaker rigs are powered by several Community ALC-1604D amplified loudspeaker controllers.

“All of these Community loudspeakers are powered by a collection of Community ALC1604D amplifiers. The addition of these magnificent tools reduced the total amplifier weight by 83 percent and increased the power output of the system by 42 percent! Not to mention the additional generator fuel savings we’re seeing by not hauling the older, heavier amplifiers that the ALCs replaced!” – Dave Olmstead, Owner, Continental Air Show Productions

With the Community loudspeakers and amplifiers deployed for audio coverage, CASP delivers a front line of distributed sound that is a mile wide, with intelligible audio broadcast more than a half-mile across the large crowds the air shows typically draw.


Continental Air Show Productions is not a typical Biamp customer. The company transports all equipment to each event, where setup, rehearsal and showtime occur, only to repack the entire setup in the company trailer for transport to the next event.

The Community loudspeakers CASP deploys typically are installed in stadiums or other venues as long-term solutions. But because of the company’s purpose, all equipment moves in and out of each venue, with shows occurring at least twice per week. And despite the rough treatment that’s to be expected from such a routine, the Community loudspeakers and amplifiers CASP relies on have never failed to deliver the performance every air show audience expects.

“We converted the frontline into R.5HP and R.35-3896 loudspeakers. The selling point for CASP was the rock-solid reliability we found in this equipment,” said Olmsted.


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