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Crane Song PHOENIX Tape Emulation Plug-In Suite to be Inducted into NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame

Superior, Wisconsin (January, 2020) — Crane Song (NAMM Booth #15821, ACC North) is delighted to announce that its PHOENIX tape emulation plug-in suite will be inducted into the NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Founded in 2004 by former Mix magazine editor George Petersen, the TECnology Hall of Fame honors and recognizes audio products that have made a significant contribution to the advancement of recording, live sound, and audio technology. To be eligible for consideration, products must have been on the market for at least ten years.

Originally known for his development of Summit Audio products such as the EQP-200 Dual Program Equalizer and DCL-200 Dual Tube Compressor, Crane Song founder Dave Hill is lauded for his high-end recording hardware including analog-to-digital converters, mic preamps, compressors, and 500-series rackmount modules. In 2002, he made his first foray into software with PHOENIX, a set of TDM plug-ins for the Digidesign (now Avid) Pro Tools | HD recording platform. These plug-ins reproduced the sought-after sound of analog tape with unprecedented fidelity. Thanks to accurate modeling of the compression inherent in tape, they imparted warmth and character, as well as perceived loudness, to digital recording without the need to increase gain. PHOENIX II, a newer version, runs on both native computer CPUs and Avid’s latest DSP platform, AAX.

“Every innovation invited into the TECnology Hall of Fame has made a major contribution to how sound is created and reproduced — even years after its debut,” says George Petersen.

“The five different ‘flavors’ of PHOENIX were originally intended to add effects similar to tape saturation into the digital domain,” adds Dave Hill. “Crane Song has come a long way since they were first introduced, but they’ve withstood the test of time and are still used by the world’s best engineers on a daily basis. It’s an honor to be in such good company.”

The official induction ceremony will take place Saturday, January 18, 2020, at 4:00 P.M. Pacific time inside the NAMM Member Center at the Anaheim Convention Center.

 About the TECnology Hall of Fame

Founded in 2004 by George Petersen and presented since 2015 by the NAMM Museum of Making Music, the TECnology Hall of Fame honors and recognizes audio products and innovations that have made a significant contribution to the advancement of audio technology. Inductees to the TECnology Hall of Fame are selected by a panel of more than 50 recognized audio experts, including authors, educators, engineers and other professionals.

About Crane Song

Crane Song began in 1995 by Dave Hill and the company edict is all about loyalty – loyalty to their valuable employees, to the audio industry and especially to supporting their local community in Superior, Wisconsin.  The company currently has eight full time employees, three of whom were with the company since its doors opened a decade ago. Today, Crane Song has a dealer network which covers the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as throughout Europe and Asia. All Crane Song products, including their compressors, limiters, digital signal processors, converters, mic preamps and plug-ins are manufactured to the highest-quality sonic standards. All Crane Song products come with a three-year warranty; however, the company has serviced less than 2% of any of its products – once a product leaves the Crane Song warehouse, it works so well that its manufacturer rarely sees it again.

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