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×’s //DEUS EX Gets Huge Performance Boost with Integration of NF1 Cards

Hybrid storage solution in platform adds speed and capacity with small form factor SSD

Atlanta, GA – June 12, 2019 – – DigitalGlue has announced that its //DEUS EX – the hybrid NVMe SSD and HDD media storage solution in its platform, is now available with NF1 (New Form Factor 1) for customers that require SSD architecture. The integration of NF1 provides substantial benefits including faster speed and increased capacity in a compact footprint offered at an appealing price point. offers On-Premise Managed Storage™ (OPMS), a new concept in storage solutions designed by DigitalGlue for creatives that includes 24/7 monitoring, technical support and next-day repairs for an affordable, all-inclusive monthly rate.

“//DEUS EX was an amazing solution since its launch in 2018, offering the performance needed to allow the entire post-production team to work off of the same system and work in parallel,” says Tim Anderson, DigitalGlue CEO/CTO. “Now with NF1 drives we can offer faster speed, higher capacity and a less expensive price point than any other SSD technology!”

The addition of NF1 allows up to 64 TB of SSD to be integrated into //Deus Ex, an enormous jump from the previous 8 TB capacity. The unit can deliver a total of 8000 MB/s aggregate to five workstations.

“If a customer requires SSD, we’ll use the NF1 first before adding U.2,” explained Anderson. “They can, however, still get an all HDD //DEUS EX, which is perfect for any workflow that doesn’t use image sequences.”

Designed for end-to-end post-production workflows, the //DEUS EX hybrid system balances solid state and spinning disk technology with a fully optimized internal architecture to provide seamless playback in the most demanding environments. Built for uncompromised high-resolution workflows, it is capable of tackling even the most demanding real-world formats like 4K DCI OpenEXR. It eliminates the need for separate online and nearline systems, allowing the entire team to work on the same system simultaneously. Featuring dual Intel Gold Processors, plenty of RAM, 4 NVMe SSDs, and up to 20 Helium-filled HDDs (24 without SSDs), //DEUS EX enables artists to implement dynamic collaborative workflows like those available in DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Creative Cloud to allow artists to get more done in less time. optimizes the latest, most advanced hardware and software to simplify the technical aspects of producing, storing, and distributing video-centric content, further enabling the creative process. DigitalGlue, a leading equipment, integration, and software development provider, also designs and implements solutions for complete turnkey content creation, post-production, and distribution.

//DEUS EX is available for a starting monthly rate of $1,995 for 200 TB + 4.8 TB SSD.

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