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Crestron pulls out of CEDIA Expo 2021

Crestron executive vice president John Clancy, issued the following statement, regarding the company’s decision about CEDIA Expo:

“We’re reaching out with updated information for our partners, industry colleagues, and friends regarding Crestron’s plans for the upcoming 2021 CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. In light of the re-escalating COVID health crisis and the spread of the Delta variant, we have made the difficult decision to fully cancel our presence at this year’s CEDIA Expo, including our booth, dealer trainings, press engagements, and social events.

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“It has been six years since Crestron last attended Expo. We had been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with dealers and show off Crestron Home’s latest developments. Never before has Crestron been more ready to attend a show. Despite our enthusiasm and our investment in the show, however, recent news has forced us to reassess the risks.

“It remains unclear how the spread of the Delta variant will progress in the coming weeks, but our primary concern is and always will be the well-being of our employees, their families, and our industry partners and friends. We had hoped the 2021 CEDIA Expo would represent a much-needed reinvigoration of our industry. It may still—but with so much uncertainty, we felt a responsibility to share our plans sooner so that partners and peers had actionable information.

We understand this may come as disappointing news, but we remain optimistic about the resiliency of our industry and the countless incredible people who compose it. We eagerly await our next opportunity to come together.”

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