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dB Technologies Introduces DVA MINI Line Array

Small. Lightweight. Powerful. Flyable. Clean aesthetic look. The new DVA MINI is an incredibly versatile system for both portable and permanent installation solutions.

The DVA MINI system is comprised of dual line array element modules, each with two 6.5” neodymium woofers and two 1” high-frequency compression drivers. The M2M module is the main module that contains the 400-watt Digipro G3 amplifier modules that power both the M2M and M2S slave module. Switch mode (SMPS) power supply assures use whether 110V or 230V power with an auto-range circuit for voltage fluctuations.

The system achieves 126 dB max SPL per unit.

dB Technologies’ engineering has developed a new fast-lock mechanic design, completely removing pins and mechanics, in favor or a quick-locking system. Simply place one module below the previous one and slide it towards one side until it locks in place. A single mechanic is on the rear of every single DVA MINI module allowing for incremental steps for line array positioning.

The DVA MINI can be either flown or ground stacked. As an option there is the DSA-M2 pole mount adapter that can handle the line array modules, helping the user to elevate the system to a reasonable height using a standard pole or speaker stand. When flown, up to four M2M + M2S modules and two MS12 subwoofer modules can be arrayed.

The cabinets are constructed of reinforced polypropolene with an internal anti-vibration structure.

Internal 56-bit DSP provides for the selection of eight different presets. Plus limiting, circuitry protection and monitoring. An integrated USB B-style port allows the user to access the complete telemetry of the array module, monitoring the status of the speaker including total playing hours, temperatures and performance reports; as well as allowing for any future software updates.

A companion MS12 12” subwoofer is also a component of the DVA MINI system.

The 12” bass reflex subwoofer can be either flown of ground stacked, with integrated quick-lock mechanism that matches the DVA M2M + M2S modules so no additional hardware is needed; and with integrated pole mount cup for ground stand options.

With a SMPS auto-range power supply, at 700W RMS the subwoofer can attain 131 dB max SPL.

Controls include selectable crossover frequency with link capability to M2M + M2S modules, phase selection and output modes selection; as well as USB B-style port for service data.

The MS12 subwoofer cabinet is constructed of multiplex birch plywood with a polyurea protective paint.

New DVA Composer prediction software is now available for download to assist with design and implementation of the DVA MINI, along with all DVA Series products. It is downloadable at:…

M2M + M2S Specs:

Frequency response: 78 Hz – 19 kHz (+/- 6dB)

Power: 400W RMS

Max SPL: 126 dB per unit

Pattern: 90 x 15

Size: 18.1”x7.5”x13.6” for each module

Weight: 16 lbs.

MS12 Specs:

Frequency response: 45-140 Hz (+/- 6dB)

Power: 700W RMS (1400W peak)

Max SPL: 131 dB

Size: 18.1”x16.9”x15.2”

Weight: 58 lbs.

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