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EEG Video Adds Geo Locations to Falcon for Improved Worldwide Performance

New regions deliver improved network performance and lower latency.

New Falcon regions added for improved performance

FARMINGDALE, NY – July 30, 2021: EEG Video’s Falcon continues to support improved localization of content across the globe with its latest update. Falcon users who caption in multiple languages will benefit from new servers hosted in US West, London and Sydney. These new geo locations are in addition to EEG’s pre-existing options of using Falcon in the US East or Asia Pacific regions.

The US West server location gives US-based customers an alternative for improved network performance and lower latency. Europe- and Sydney-based customers will enjoy similar performance improvements, based on greater proximity to their Falcon servers. 

EEG’s Falcon adds live captioning into any streaming encoder and video platform combination that communicates using an RTMP or RTMPS uplink. 

This latest update follows the announcement of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) output mode for Falcon, which added significant support capabilities for world language web captioning. In HLS output mode, Falcon can add up to six segmented Video Text Tracks (VTT) caption tracks to a real-time live stream. These VTT caption tracks are detected by the user’s media player as closed captions, which will appear in most HLS players as a user-selectable option, with all encoded languages listed.

When using EEG Falcon, content can be efficiently captioned through a complete AI transcription and translation stack using EEG’s Lexi Automatic Captioning Service. Now in its second generation, Lexi gives streaming content creators an easy path to proven automatic captioning. Lexi benefits include high accuracy and easy content localization for global marketplaces. Professional quality vocabulary customization, scheduling and automation features are all available with Lexi.

Lexi and iCap Translate supports several recently added languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Russian.

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About EEG Video

EEG Video is the industry leader in closed captioning technology. For more than 35 years, the company’s cutting-edge solutions have been advancing captioning, subtitling, and metadata workflows for customers in live broadcasting, post production, and streaming media.

EEG was recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a 2014 Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award for “Development of Low Latency Video Streaming Live Captioning Solutions.”

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