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EEG Video’s CCMatch Delay Parameter Delivers Reduced Caption Latency

Users of Falcon, EEG's live streaming encoder, can now time sync captions to video with no delay.

CCMatch Delay Parameter with Falcon

FARMINGDALE, NY – July 15, 2021: EEG Video, the leader in closed captioning technology, has announced the release of the CCMatch delay parameter. With this new feature, users of EEG’s Falcon can now match video and audio with captions so there is no delay! The CCMatch feature was originally introduced for EEG Video’s flagship hardware encoder, helping broadcasters meet stringent FCC Quality Rules for synchronization between captions and the audio track. CCMatch also ensures that captions are delivered completely within a segment, with no overhang from programming into a commercial block.

CCMatch’s caption timing ability can reduce or eliminate delay in real-time captions through the use of a video output delay. EEG’s Falcon adds live captioning into any streaming encoder and video platform combination that communicates using an RTMP or RTMPS uplink. 

Now available on EEG Cloud to all Falcon users, CCMatch can easily time sync captions to video with a high degree of precision.

CCMatch delays video output between .01 and 30 seconds to align with the delay inherent in captioning. Typically, a value of 3-4 seconds will create the best synchronization between video, audio and text.

The CCMatch delay parameter is a floating point number of seconds, allowing audio and video to buffer for alignment with captions on output.

This parameter can be used with Lexi Automatic Captioning and human captioners.


About EEG Video

EEG Video is the industry leader in closed captioning technology. For more than 35 years, the company’s cutting-edge solutions have been advancing captioning, subtitling, and metadata workflows for customers in live broadcasting, post production, and streaming media.

EEG was recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a 2014 Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award for “Development of Low Latency Video Streaming Live Captioning Solutions.”

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