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Electrosonic Supports Gary Goddard Entertainment‘s Latest Themed Experience in Jakarta, Indonesia

Visitors to Crossroads of the World, a two-story, 400,000 square-foot mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, eagerly await the spectacular once-an-hour dancing waters attraction in a Rockefeller Center-style plaza designed by Gary Goddard Entertainment (GGE) with engineering, AV and lighting support from Electrosonic Inc.

GGE, an innovator of themed attractions and destinations, turned to Electrosonic for audio and video equipment, moving lights and control systems for the fountain show at Crossroads of the World, a highly-immersive retail, dining and show experience. The mall is part of the ten million square-foot Grand Indonesia development which links Jakarta’s tallest premium-grade office tower, a 57-story residential tower and the iconic Hotel Indonesia-Kempinski.

GGE divided Crossroads of the World into four distinct districts, each with its own personality and flavor. The Entertainment District captures the energy and excitement of New York City in several neighborhoods, including cosmopolitan Rockefeller Center. There, a golden Prometheus statue graces a pool where a fully-automated fountain show is staged once an hour. The plaza is housed in an Art Deco-style space with columns and mezzanine; its ceiling is painted with forced-perspective views of skyscrapers, completing the illusion of being in midtown Manhattan.

“Rockefeller Center is the centerpiece of GGE’s design,”? says Electrosonic project manager Steve Calver. “Our goal was to provide high-quality, reliable components with good performance value in a system that would be as simple as possible for operators to use and maintain.”?

Several different fountain shows have been choreographed to run three to four minutes each. The dancing waters, crafted by Waltzing Waters in Florida, are synchronized with classical custom audio tracks and colorful moving lights for an audience-stopping show. “The color and mood of the lighting continually changes with the mood of the music.”? Sometimes the fountains form vibrant, multi-tiered sources awash in colorful hues; sometimes the space goes dark with just silver and gold light washing over the graceful fountains and statue. The video screens enhance the plaza area by displaying content between fountain shows.

Electrosonic supplied Renkus-Heinz and SLS speakers, Peavey Nion digital audio signal processing, a Fostex multitrack audio player, two Electrosonic 9500GL high definition media players, two Christie 6K video projectors, Da-Lite rear-projection screens, and an AMX control system for the installation. The lighting inventory boasts 26 Color Kinetics Color Blast 6s, nine Martin Mac 700s, Selecon ellipsoidals and an ETC dimming system. Lighting playback is controlled by an ETC Pharos.

Electrosonic hired CD+M to help with the lighting design and programming and Hartwell AVD to handle the AMX control system programming. Bryan Hinckley was Electrosonic’s salesperson for the project.

About Electrosonic

Electrosonic is a worldwide audio-visual company that operates in three ways: as a systems integrator, as a product manufacturer, and as a service provider for AV facilities. Founded in 1964, Electrosonic has always been among the first to apply new technology to create tailored, state-of-the-art solutions that meet the challenges of the professional AV market.

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