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Exertis Mobile Living Debuts to Meet the Needs of an Evolving RV Industry

Exertis, the global leader in value-added technology distribution and logistical support services, today announced the launch of a specialist division focused exclusively on meeting the needs of a growing and changing RV industry — Exertis Mobile Living.  The launch coincides with the announcement that North American subsidiary Stampede will now operate as Exertis in the United States, Canada and Latin America, aligning with other Exertis units around the world.

Exertis Mobile Living is the exclusive North American distributor of Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the consumer, specialty vehicle and marine markets.

“Today’s RV is increasingly a compact and mobile version of the modern living environment,” Exertis President & CEO Kevin Kelly said today.  “RV owners expect to have access to the same smart appliances and entertainment technologies they enjoy in their traditional home.”

“They want the freedom of a life on the road but not at the expense of staying connected to the larger world,” he continued.  “This evolving RV market requires a range of products, networked solutions, after-market training and service support never before needed.  This is the wheelhouse of Exertis — a global specialist distribution enterprise that adds value across specific markets: ProAV, Gaming, Consumer Electronics and, now, Mobile Living, fueled by Furrion’s world class leadership in product design, engineering and manufacturing.”

Commenting on the launch of a business unit fully focused on mobile living, Furrion CEO Aaron Fidler noted that “This marks the next step forward in Furrion’s long-term business development in North America.  Backed by the scale and resources of a truly global distribution and supply chain management industry leader, we will be empowered to offer our resellers more products, programs and support than ever before.  The timing of this launch couldn’t be better given the rapidly growing audience of mobile living consumers.”

According to Kelly, the global RV market, which was already projected to grow at a CAGR over 7% from 2019 to 2025, is now growing even faster driven in no small part by the Covid-19 pandemic that is convincing more and more North Americans to explore an entirely new way of travel.

“A record number of first time RV buyers have entered the market because of Covid-19 and this is going to fundamentally change the nature and size of the market.  We believe the market will become less a market of traditional campers and more a market of mobile modern consumers who very much expect to be able to enjoy the latest in technologies across all lifestyle product categories.”

Kelly said that sales of Furrion products have exploded over the last eight months and, as a result, Exertis Mobile Living is hiring across all job categories at its South Bend, Indiana mobile living distribution center.  “Meeting the needs of a rapidly growing RV industry offers any number of terrific career opportunities for smart, goal-oriented professionals of all ages.  If you’re looking to team up with an industry leader, we want to hear from you!”


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