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Flock Audio Announces Bigger Boat Distribution and MasteringWorks as Distributors for UK and EU Respectively

Kelowna, BC, June 28, 2022 – Flock Audio, the complete hardware management company known for its digitally controlled fully analog PATCH Series patchbay systems, has announced a distribution agreement with Bigger Boat Distribution and MasteringWorks for distribution of their products in the United Kingdom and European Union respectively. The two distributors, who have formed a collaborative partnership to best deliver seamless distribution across the region in the post-Brexit marketplace, bring years of expertise working with high quality professional audio product lines and access to a deep network of dealers and users.

“We are excited to work with Bigger Boat Distribution and MasteringWorks to ensure our current and future products get into the hands of our customers thoughtfully and efficiently in the UK and EU regions,” says Flock Audio CEO and Founder Darren Nakonechny. “They bring a deep understanding of our product line and goals to the table, and their track record gives us the utmost confidence in their ability to strengthen our European footprint and sales position.”

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Bigger Boat Distribution is an independent distributor that brings high-end audio products to the UK market. Founded in 2009 by Oliver Morley, Bigger Boat strives to provide the highest quality experience to its dealers and customers – both with best-in-class product lines as well as excellent customer service. “Bigger Boat is delighted to add Flock Audio to its product range, joining our existing selection of popular studio products by innovative and discerning manufacturers,” Morley says. “With our deep knowledge of both the region and the pro audio market, we are confident that we can put Flock Audio products in more hands than ever before.”

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MasteringWorks is a European Distributor with an exclusive selection of high-end audio gear and a strong network of audio industry leaders. The company, set up in 2009 by Stefan Heger, has a unique distribution model and maintains close relationships to individual customers, providing studio solutions, support and innovative ideas. “MasteringWorks is excited to bring Flock Audio into its network as it will increase the existing ties with studio owners and expand to new frontiers,” Heger says. “With cutting edge design and the high quality construction, Flock Audio will be in fantastic symbiosis with our current brands.”

About Flock Audio
​Flock Audio Inc. is a pro-audio manufacturer based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, founded in 2017. The company is best known for its PATCH System Series, which is a Digitally controlled, 100% Analog Patch bay routing solution for professional audio environments. For more information on Flock Audio and its products, please visit the company website at

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