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Forscene IBC2015 Product Preview

IBC2015 Preview


Stand 8.B38e

Forbidden Technologies plc

Forbidden delivers high-performance cloud post-production services for media makers and broadcasters. Its flagship product, Forscene, is the world’s most advanced cloud-based professional video software. For more than a decade the platform has been trusted to bring agility and efficiency to the post-production workflow of every kind of media maker: from production companies, facilities houses and internet media companies to video libraries, content providers, and broadcasters. Forscene is the only unified platform that offers review, logging, search, editing, and publishing entirely in the cloud and as a SaaS solution accessible on any device through a Web browser. No other system can match Forscene’s ease of access, range of toolsets, and competitive pricing.

Forscene at IBC2015:

New Enhancements to the Forscene Cloud-Based Video Post-Production Platform

Forscene will showcase the following new developments at IBC2015.

 – Virtualised Workflow for Digital-Rights Content 

Forscene integrates with deltatre’s products and the Microsoft Azure(TM) cloud computing platform to provide the first completely hardware-independent solution for the post-production and distribution of digital rights content.

 – Expanded and Improved Social Media Sharing  

The platform’s unique ability to publish sub-clips and full highlights packages, including graphics and multilayer edits, directly to social media platforms and content distribution networks has been improved and expanded to include Twitter.  

 – Multicam Edit

Forscene’s up-to-18-camera multicam logging tool has been developed to now include multicam editing.  

 – Dual System Audio

To facilitate ingesting native rushes directly into Forscene, the platform now has the ability to sync separately recorded video and audio original source files. 

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Photo Caption: Forscene’s New Interface

Experience the Power of Forscene On-Stand

We invite you to test-drive Forscene’s powerful sports workflow at IBC2015.  Get a taste of adrenaline in one of our five simulated car races, then experience the thrill of editing your personal race highlights package on Forscene’s professional video editing software running on an iPad over a standard internet connection. Take the checkered flag by publishing your video directly to multiple social media platforms at the touch of a button. 

Forscene Remains IBC TV’s Cloud Provider of Choice 

IBCTV news, the official broadcaster for IBC2015, will once again use Forscene to provide its self-service syndication workflow. Participating broadcasters and IBC exhibitors will be able to access library content provided under editorial control, including rushes and daily program footage from Forscene. In addition, Forscene will work with IBC’s Rising Stars to enable their content to be packaged and made available to the IBCTV news team.  

Speaking Events at IBC2015

The Forscene team will host the panel discussion “How the cloud is changing post workflows” in the Technology In Action Theatre, 3.A19, on Saturday, Sept. 12, at 14:30. This discussion will investigate the impact that the cloud has had across different sectors from reality talent shows to sports highlights and observational documentaries. Experts in each format explain how logging, editing, reviewing, and/or distributing content in the cloud has redefined “post” and changed their workflows.  

Company Quote:

“Launching our new interface at IBC2014 had an enormous impact on the industry’s perception of Forscene and we’ve seen an increase in the platform being used for editing particularly within sport over the past year as a result. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ needs, and the developments that we’re showcasing at IBC2015 are, once again, directly linked to existing or future projects. Our theme this year is Go Boxless’ and we will show how Forscene powers unique workflows that free users to think outside the box and get more done outside of the edit suite without heavy hardware requirements and regardless of geography.”

–Jason Cowan, Business Development Director, Forbidden 

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