Glensound Announces Virgil OB Dante®/ AES67 Headphone Amplifier with Local Analog Outputs

Convenient interface between Dante / AES67 network audio systems and users’ headphones or other analog audio equipment
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Virgil OB Dante/ AES67 Headphone Amplifier

Virgil OB Dante/ AES67 Headphone Amplifier

Los Angeles, CA – September 2018… Glensound, the UK-based manufacturer of audio products for the broadcast, sound reinforcement, installation, and theatrical markets and ASK Sales are pleased to introduce the Virgil OB Dante/ AES67 Headphone Amplifier with Local Analog Outputs. Packaged in a rugged and compact form factor, the Virgil OB headphone amp was designed for outside broadcast and theatrical applications wherever a headphone circuit or analog output is required.

The Virgil OB receives two audio circuits from a Dante / AES67 network and routes one signal to the left and the other to the right channel of the headphone amplifier. A front panel volume control enables the user to adjust the output volume of the headphones. The two incoming audio circuits are also presented on a pair of balanced analog audio XLR connectors that are located on the rear of the unit. A switch on the side of the Virgil OB sets these two outputs to be post or pre-fade of the front panel level control.

Manufactured from lightweight aluminum, the Virgil OB’s casing is designed to withstand the rigors of life on the road. It also features a rugged beltclip that enables the unit to be quickly and securely attached to both people and infrastructure. In addition to being suitable for low and high impedance headphones, the Virgil OB’s headphone amplifier circuit can be connected to both stereo headphones and mono earpieces, making the unit well suited for driving television presenters’ ear pieces.

Arnie Toshner, President of ASK Sales—the company coordinating Glensound’s sales activities throughout the United States—commented on the new Glensound Virgil OB Headphone Amplifier. “The Virgil OB encompasses Glensound’s unique headphone amplifier circuit that automatically provides the correct output level to match the impedance of the attached headphones,” Toshner said. “This is a significant benefit, considering that for the unit to produce the same volume, high impedance headphones require a much greater output level than low impedance models. I’m confident audio professionals working in a variety of environments will find the Virgil OB an invaluable addition to their equipment arsenals.”

The Glensound Virgil OB Dante®/ AES67 Headphone Amplifier with Local Analog Outputs carries an MSRP of $312. The unit is available now.

About Glensound and ASK Sales

Located in Maidstone, Kent, UK, Glensound is a manufacturer of high quality audio equipment for the world’s broadcast and commercial audio markets. Manufacturing all products in-house to ensure both performance and reliability, Glensound’s catalog encompasses Balance Converters, AD/DA Converters, Commentary Systems, Dante® Networked Audio, Headphone Amplifiers, Intercom Equipment, and Audio Mixers, and more. For additional information, visit the company online at ASK Sales ( is the exclusive distributor of Glensound in North America.




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