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Central New Mexico Community College Expands its Projector Installation and Upgrade Process with Hitachi’s OneVision Program

Central New Mexico Community College has seven campuses in Albuquerque and offers a broad educational coursework for its students who are entering career training and certification or looking to transfer to a university. Central New Mexico Community College is the second largest higher education system in New Mexico. The college offers a liberal arts program to its approximately 23,000 enrolled students, but the biggest educational programs the college offers are film making and nursing.

With the help of Hitachi America, Ltd.’s OneVision program for higher-education, Melvin Shelton, Audiovisual Supervisor, and the rest of the AV Services department work to keep all three levels of classrooms across the seven campuses up-to-date with the latest technology. Shelton and his team have classified the classrooms on each campus into three levels: level one includes basic AV equipment such as a PC, a Hitachi projector, screen and a small control device with speakers in the ceiling, level two adds a podium and Crestron processing equipment in conjunction with the Hitachi projector and a level three adds in a larger PA system, a microphone and multiple Hitachi projectors and screens.

Currently, Central New Mexico Community College is designing and installing AV equipment in a new building on the main campus, and wants to change the approach to all classroom levels. “We are looking at a different approach where instructions don’t have to be in fixed positions at a podium,” says Shelton. “We want instructors to be able to bring their own device and connect wirelessly to the projectors in the room or to allow instructors to ask students to connect wirelessly from their laptops. We want to provide our instructors with more flexibility.”

Shelton and his team are transitioning from analog to digital campus wide, including boardrooms and multi-use rooms, across all seven campuses.

“Hitachi’s OneVision Program has helped make it possible for us to work on these upgrades and various projects around campus,” says Shelton. “With the ‘buy ten projectors get one projector free’ buying perk, we are able to expand our installation and upgrade process and keep track of our projectors to make sure that we have enough in stock to complete our projects.”

Hitachi’s OneVision Program provides higher education facilities access to exclusive pricing, enhanced service that includes direct access to Hitachi experts, an extended five-year warranty on projectors, extended one-year warranty on lamps, and buying rewards that include “buy 10 projectors and get one free projector” or “buy three projectors and get one free lamp.”

“We’ve been using Hitachi for years, and when our local vendors started a conversation with us about the OneVision program, we were quick to seek out more information,” says Shelton. “Hitachi projectors are good, dependable equipment that are extremely low-maintenance. They’ve helped us create better upgrade programs within the college, and now the OneVision program helps us to save money, as well.”

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