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Hong Kong’s Times Square Gets New Sound with Fulcrum Acoustic

Hong Kong – August 2015…Located in the heart of the city’s bustling Causeway Bay district, Hong Kong’s Times Square is a thriving, multistory office tower complex and shopping plaza housing fashion outlets and food stores, restaurants, cinemas, and a wide range of specialty shops. In a city renowned for its compactness, the city’s first “vertical mall” brings a decidedly different slant to retail design, hosting its retail space over nine floors.

Fashioned after its famed New York namesake, Times Square’s street-level open plaza is one of the area’s main gathering points, home to Western-style New Year’s Eve celebrations and a year-round calendar of events and exhibitions. The plaza is outfitted with large video displays as part of the growing Urban Screen trend, with powerful, focused audio provided by loudspeakers form Fulcrum Acoustic.

Installed by Sony Corporation of Hong Kong, a pair of Fulcrum Acoustic AH463 full-range coaxial horn systems covers one screen, with two DX1295 dual 120inch coaxial systems covering the second, larger display. Symetrix DSP provides processing power, while Lab Guppen amplification drives the system.


About Fulcrum Acoustic – Founded in 2008, Fulcrum Acoustic is a professional loudspeaker manufacturer known for its unique approach to loudspeaker design. Employing the research of company co-founder David Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic combines proprietary coaxial design and Temporal EqualizationTM processing power to create the most powerful and versatile line of loudspeakers available.  

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