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Extron Introduces the DMP 64 Plus Series of 6×4 ProDSP Digital Matrix Processors

Anaheim, California (July 11, 2019) – Extron is pleased to introduce the DMP 64 Plus series of compact Digital Matrix Processors, featuring six DSP input channels with AEC, in only a half rack space. With a flexible mix matrix, a USB audio interface, and 6×4 analog connectivity, the DMP 64 Plus provides the ability to easily connect and route signals to accommodate system requirements. The AT models can be powered by PoE+ and provide 32×16 Dante connectivity for popular Dante microphone arrays, and other Dante devices, while the V models include up to eight VoIP lines for collaboration applications. Featuring an ACP bus for audio control panels, an expansion port for bidirectional digital audio connection with a DTP CrossPoint® or another DMP, eight audio file players, and configurable macros, the DMP 64 Plus can be used in a wide variety of smaller systems.

“The smaller size of many collaboration spaces often means fewer inputs are needed while retaining key features like AEC and multiple control options”, says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The DMP 64 Plus series can be powered by PoE+ for installation simplicity and offers Dante and VoIP models to meet any connectivity need.”

All six main DSP channels of the DMP 64 Plus offer FlexInput source selection to route any Dante input, expansion input, or one of the six mic/line inputs, to a main DSP channel. This enables the DMP 64 Plus to process audio from any source with the full range of DSP capabilities, including AEC.

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