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HYPERVSN Client, DRAGONFLY UAS, Amazes Attendees at Gastech 2022 in Milan

HYPERVSN Client, DRAGONFLY UAS, Amazes Attendees at Gastech 2022 in Milan


HYPERVSN client DRAGONFLY UAS, a recognised leader in global drone solutions, attended the 2022 Gastech Expo held in Milan earlier this year. As a cutting-edge business, DRAGONFLY were keen to find a cutting-edge AV solution to ensure their booth at the show really stood out. Having carefully considered a number of options on the market, DRAGONFLY decided to use a huge 72-unit HYPERVSN SmartV Wall.

Renowned as one of the world’s leading Energy sector events, DRAGONFLY worked with the HYPERVSN Design Lab to create a series of stunning 3D visuals, showcasing their clients’ enormous energy facility with interactive 3D environments, providing visitors with a truly immersive “flying tour” in and around more than 1,500 acres of facility.  To do this, DRAGONFLY and HYPERVSN Design Lab merged a combination of 3D point-clouds with more than 12,000 high-resolution images to create the largest photogrammetry photo scan that has ever been. DRAGONFLY’s 3D photo-scans, combined with impactful effects from the HYPERVSN Design Lab, delivered amazing 3D content that had to be seen to be believed.

Utilising the HYPERVSN Solution Suite, allowed DRAGONFLY to measure engagement, foot traffic and brand awareness with excellent results.

HYPERVSN and DRAGONFLY developed a video of this amazing collaboration, and you can see the results via this link here.

‘The energy sector is one where we are excited to see HYPERVSN solutions make a huge impact. 3D truly revolutionises content, and with such an innovative industry that’s constantly growing, evolving and making huge waves in our societies, it’s only right that they work with truly innovative brands, just like DRAGONFLY and HYPERVSN.’
Kiryl Chykeyuk, Founder & CEO of HYPERVSN.

If you want to learn more about the HYPERVSN holographic technology and how it can benefit your business, e-mail us at [email protected]

About DRAGONFLY: Leaders in drone services & solutions, DRAGONFLY has been providing customers around the world with safe & affordable drone-tech solutions since 2015.  A veteran-owned business with a core mission to safely integrate drone technology in places where it has the most positive impact, DRAGONFLY has an outstanding reputation for excellence and are consistently called upon to work with the biggest names in the industry.

 About HYPERVSN: HYPERVSN is the award-winning British company responsible for developing the disruptive Integrated 3D Holographic Display Platform that provides an immersive experience for viewers.

Since its official release in 2017, HYPERVSN has been named among the 10 best technologies by Yahoo!, USA Today & Inc Magazine. Backed by Mark Cuban and Sir Richard Branson, it has been used by over 25% of Fortune 500 companies in 90+ countries.

The proprietary HYPERVSN hardware works in conjunction with the Software Suite to provide customers with an integrated business solution. HYPERVSN holographic solutions are perfect for digital signage campaigns, holographic display billboards, digital out-of-home media, activation events, corporate reception areas and 3D point-of-sale displays. Learn more at

HYPERVSN PR & Marketing contact:

Alexander Starodetko

[email protected]


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