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IHSE USA Now Shipping Draco DPS KVM 4X1 Desktop Switches

The Draco DPS 4X1 KVM Desktop Series Switch Offers an Easy-to-Use, Feature-Rich,
and Flexible Solution for Evolving Systems

CRANBURY, N.J. — July 12, 2022 — IHSE USA is now shipping its new Draco DPS 4X1 KVM desktop series switches. Offering a wide range of features that makes them among the most flexible 4X1 KVM switches currently available, the OS- and software-agnostic Draco DPS KVM 4X1 desktop switches are designed to allow quick customization to support multiple displays.

“As video standards continue to evolve, such as dual- or quad-head 4K resolutions, integrators must match video hardware with the right type of switch or display management system,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager at IHSE USA. “This complex task is especially difficult when multiple computers need to be accessed at the same workstation area that may be working across different platforms or networks. For users who need to monitor or manage several computers, the DPS 4X1 provides an easy way to access them with a single mouse and keyboard while meeting evolving requirements.”

The Draco DPS 4X1 KVM desktop series switches can be customized to support single-head, dual-head, triple-head, or quad-head computer systems. Starting with a base DisplayPort four-input, single-head package, up to 4K60 can be supported. The DPS 4X1 base unit is a standard two-slot desktop chassis with support for USB-HID, USB 2.0, and optional audio connections for up to four computers to a single DisplayPort monitor. When more displays are added, users can expand the switch with the 4X1 video expansion card using IHSE USA’s standard six-slot chassis. All DPS 4X1 cards fit in any IHSE USA frame type and integrate with any IHSE USA KVM systems.

The DPS KVM 4X1 switches work in tandem with other IHSE USA switch products, making them even more secure and flexible. With a typical desktop switch environment, the CPU devices (computer or laptop) normally reside at the workstation’s access point or endpoint device. Each device must connect directly to the physical input of the switch, and the USB-HID keyboard and mouse manage the process of changing what computer is shown on the display. When a DPS 4X1 is added to a larger KVM switch, each input port on the 4X1 becomes the access point for a larger number of sources connected at the KVM switch.

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IHSE USA is a leading provider of KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) products supporting long-distance signal extenders and switching for DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, USB, audio, and RS-232 serial data. For 30 years, IHSE has been developing new and innovative ways of supporting next-generation products for KVM and signal extenders. IHSE technology is deployed worldwide by public and private organizations in industries such as broadcasting, postproduction, government and military, medical, financial, and oil and petroleum. The company offers a complete line of DVI and HDMI video extenders over Cat-X or fiber-optic cables for mission-critical video and data access.

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