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The Importance of Audio in Corporate Conferencing

With people having a greater threshold of tolerance for poor video than for bad audio, it’s no question that microphones play perhaps the most important role in corporate conferencing situations. In this video, Mark Valenti, Former President/CEO of the Sextant Group, Inc. and Steven Benesh, Architect, Gensler discuss the significance of audio in conferencing and how finding the right equipment is key to their success. Among these is the DPA Microphones 4098 Supercardioid Tabletop Microphone, which is a perfect solution for AV consultants, integrators and architects.

This video, hosted by DPA’s Business Development Manager, Gabriel Antonini, and Vice President of U.S. Sales, Chris Spahr, takes a quick look at all the ways in which this tiny mic solution can be a powerhouse in the board room.

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