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Integrated Acoustics Launches to Streamline AV Integrators Acoustic Treatment Solutions

The new, white-label, outsourced firm aims to provide acoustics consulting and services for AV installers who don’t have on-staff acoustic specialists

APRIL 27, 2023 — Brooklyn, New York — Harmony Studios, Inc. has announced the launch of its new division Integrated Acoustics, a white-label, outsourced service that provides end-to-end acoustic consulting and solutions for other AV integrators that generally don’t offer acoustics services or have a full-time acoustician on staff.

Integrated Acoustics features a team of specialized acousticians who have years of experience consulting, designing and installing acoustics for recording studios, venues, commercial environments and more across the Tri-State area. Instead of working with the integrator’s end-user, Integrated Acoustics serves as the integrator’s “acoustics team,” providing the integrator with acoustic consulting and designing.

“An overwhelming number of integrators don’t consider, or even offer, acoustic solutions when quoting new AV projects because it’s an area of expertise that many integrators simply don’t have,” said Danny Shatzkes, CEO and co-founder of Integrated Acoustics. “Recognizing the importance of including acoustics when designing and building-out audio systems in commercial environments is a massive gap we hope to fill with the launch of Integrated Acoustics. We don’t wish to be a simple sub-contractor for the integrator. By white labelling our services we aim to work as a partner with the integrator, to represent their brand and customer service to the highest degree.”

“Since beginning our work in the AV industry, we’ve always made a point to look at the acoustics of a space first and foremost,” said Evan Grazi, co-founder and COO of Integrated Acoustics. “While offering acoustic consulting and solutions is a great way for integrators to show their customers that they care about every aspect of an installation, they oftentimes don’t have a full-time acoustician or engineer on their team. We hope to fill that gap with professional and specialized services that enhance an integrator’s brand and round out their AV solutions and offerings.” 

Launched in Brooklyn, New York, in 2022 as a specialized acoustics division of Harmony Studios, Inc., Integrated Acoustics is a leader in providing acoustic solutions for all commercial environments. For more information visit,

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