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Introducing the XY-1 and XY-2E: New Speakers Added to the Versatile Pioneer Professional Audio XY Series

(TORRANCE, CA) November 12, 2020: Two new loudspeakers are joining the Pioneer Professional Audio XY Series: the XY-1 and XY-2E. Developed to allow more versatile use of our flagship XY-3B, the XY-1 and XY-2E represent the LF and MHF sections respectively and each unit is available in black. Using these individual enclosures enables installers, rental houses and touring companies to easily build ground stacked point-source arrays and deploy systems in venues with low ceilings via a wide variety of configurations.

XY Series loudspeakers provide excellent reliability and outstanding audio quality to nightclubs and music venues around the world. In September 2017, we introduced the XY-3B and XY-2 which incorporate our X-Phase system. And now, with the release of the XY-1 and XY-2E, even more venues and events can benefit from the performance of an XY Series sound system due to the horizontal-array deployment options offered by the new units.

The XY-1 consists of two 12-inch custom drivers in a hybrid dual-chamber configuration – exactly the same as the XY-3B, maintaining the chest-pumping low end of the flagship model.

The XY-2E is much more than an XY-2 in an enclosure. We’ve kept the X-phase system, but we’ve enabled individual control of the 8-inch cone driver and 1-inch compression driver, which wasn’t previously possible.

These adaptable new additions to the XY Series can also be used as stage fills, for live PA and DJ booth monitoring, thanks to the tailor-made accessories that make them easy to deploy in tight spaces.

The XY-1 and XY-2E are both available from today. To buy or rent the speakers, contact your local installer or rental partner. Find out more about the new XY-1 and XY-2E.

To coincide with the release of the XY-1 and XY-2E, we’ve also launched the new, refined Pioneer Pro Audio website. Containing all the same useful information as the former site, the new portal is much more intuitive to navigate, enabling venue owners, installers, engineers and other customers to quickly find what they need – from inspiration for their next sound system to technical specifications. The new site will be available with a choice of English or Japanese text initially, with more languages to follow soon.

Common Key Features of the XY-1 and XY-2E

1. Suitable for Various Configurations

The XY-1 and XY-2E can be quickly and easily deployed in a variety of fixed install and touring scenarios enabling numerous flying and ground stacking configurations. Deploy from low ceilings in single units or horizontal arrays using the CP-XY1VC1 flying cradle or the CP-XY1DF1 jointing plate respectively. Or create an array of up to nine speakers – 3 x 3 – using a combination of CP-XY1DF1 cradles and CP-XY1CON1 plates. Additionally, integrate the XY-2 underneath the XY-1 and XY-2E arrays for increased MHF coverage.

2. Impact-resistant finish

The new loudspeakers are housed in robust wooden enclosures – ideal for guarding against bumps and scrapes on the road and in tight spaces. The black units also feature an elastothane coating for weather resistance and extra protection against impact.

Key Features of the XY-1

1. Hybrid Low-Mid Section

A hybrid dual 12-inch chamber in the low-mid section enables the drivers to produce precise notes. Water-resistant treatment allows the LF drivers to deliver a natural tightness rather than using thicker speaker cone material which would add weight and slow down the speed of the cones.

Key Features of the XY-2E

1. Bi-Horn

The 8-inch mid-range driver and the 1-inch compression driver are attached to the integrated waveguide with their depths perfectly aligned to minimize the difference of physical distance and reduce cancellation around the crossover frequency. This unique Bi-horn combines mid and high frequencies in a deep position inside the waveguide, improving the blend of the sounds compared to the performance of a conventional separated horn structure. The waveguide’s curved shape perfectly controls dispersion at 50 degrees horizontal and 35 degrees vertical, providing natural sound with high SPL in the targeted area while reducing the sound pressure outside that area.

2. Passive or Bi-Amp Control Option

The XY-2E offers two different control settings. As standard, the passive crossover option is engaged – producing the iconic XY series sound. Reconfigure the existing cabling and you can individually manipulate the 1-inch exit neodymium compression driver and 8-inch neodymium cone driver in a bi-amp configuration with no need for additional parts.

3. X-Phase System with Gold X-Phase Plug

Driver cone cancellation is minimized thanks to our custom X-Phase system. The convex shape forces sound waves into small slits which are arranged in a fan shape, allowing all sound waves to exit in perfect phase aliment. The sound waves are forced over the top and bottom of the X-phase plug, producing higher SPL and greater sound projection over long distances.

XY-1 Specifications

Product Name


Loudspeaker Type

Dual 12” hybrid loaded LF loudspeaker

Frequency Response (+/ -3dB)*1.

55 Hz–400 Hz (-10 dB @ 45 Hz)

Sensitivity (1W /1m)*2.

102 dB

Nominal Impedance

Power Handling AES*5.

1400 W AES, 5600 W Peak

Max SPL*4.

133 dB (cont.), 139 dB (peak)

Driver Configuration

12” neodymium cone driver x 2


Neutrik speakONTM NL 4 x 2

Dimensions (W x H x D)

530 x 578 x 540 mm / 20.7″ x 22.8″ x 21.3″


34.0 kg / 74.9 lb


15 mm / 0.6″ birch plywood


Black impact and weather-resistant textured polyurethane paint

Spare Parts

PT-XY3LF1- LF driver

XY-2E Specifications

Product Name


Loudspeaker Type

8” two-way passive/bi-amp mid-high loudspeaker

Operating mode

Passive mode

Bi-amp mode

Frequency Response (+/ -3dB)*1

235 Hz–17 kHz (-10 dB @ 150 Hz)

MF:235 Hz–3.5 kHz (-10 dB @ 150 Hz)

HF: 1.4 kHz–17 kHz

Sensitivity (1W /1m)*2

107 dB

MF: 107 dB / HF: 110 dB

Nominal Impedance

MF: 8 Ω / HF: 8 Ω

Power Handling AES*5

270 W AES, 1080 W Peak

MF: 200 W AES, 800 W Peak HF: 70 W AES, 280 W Peak


50°H × 35°V

Max SPL*4

130 dB(cont.), 136 dB(peak)

Driver Configuration

MF: 8″ neodymium cone driver
HF: 1″ exit neodymium compression driver


Neutrik speakONTM NL4MD-V x 2

Dimensions (W x H x D)

530 x 578 x 540 mm / 20.7″ x 22.8″ x 21.3″


29.0 kg / 63.9 lb


15 mm / 0.6″ birch plywood


Black impact and weather-resistant textured polyurethane paint.

Spare Parts

PT-XY3HF1- HF compression driver PT-XY3MF1- MF driver

*1 Measured on-axis at 2m in an anechoic environment and referenced to 1m.
*2 Measured in half space at 2m with 4W sine wave input and referenced to 1m.
*3 Nominal dispersion, measured in an anechoic environment and averaged overstated bandwidth. *4 Calculated at 1m and verified by subjective listening test of familiar program material.
*5 AES Standard ANSI S4.26-1984.

*Disclaimer: specifications and price are subject to change.
*speakON is a registered trademark of Neutrik.
*Other product, technology and company names, etc. mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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