John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Commitment to Providing Students Enhanced Group Study Rooms Becomes Reality

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WHEN: Installed 2016

WHAT: Five FSR HuddleVU Collaboration Systems

WHO: Geng Hua Lin- John Jay College of Criminal
Justice (CUNY) — Lloyd Sealy Library

The John Jay College Of Criminal Justice (CUNY) included
several small-group study rooms within the Lloyd Sealy Library
in Haaren Hall, but their dated furniture, and lack of technology
held little appeal for students. The rooms were essentially
corners of the library outfitted with post-construction walls,
meaning they were essentially no more than quiet rooms. The
library, which holds more than 500,000 books, periodicals,
films, microforms, and digital collections, offers students all
the resources necessary for group study and shared projects,
so the College was determined to incorporate new technology
that would lead to greater collaboration and increase use of
these rooms The high cost of building a system, however,
motivated the school to explore more affordable and
alternative options; leading them to FSR’s HuddleVU
Collaboration system.

The college found FSR at the CUNY IT conference and was          
impressed by HuddleVU. FSR's HuddleVU creates the ideal
environment for people to view and share ideas. The systems
include all the necessary video switching equipment, control              
hardware, display power control and color-coded captive
HDMI cables. It is a very simple, yet effective way to quickly
install and use. According to Geng H. Lin, Library Systems
Manager, “Everything was built-in and we wouldn’t have to
reconfigure the current space, which was a concern. We
decided to try two immediately.”
Once the FSR HuddleVU systems were installed in two rooms
in the upper library, the College focused on stimulating interest
via signage in the library, promotion on the library website and
a notification to students via internal electronic communications.
The rooms were quickly in such high demand
that the College had to develop a reservation program that
provided access to all in a fair way. The students were able
to reserve the rooms up to two days in advance for groups
of two to six in 1.25 hour increments, for a maximum of
2.5 hours.

The two HuddleVU rooms, as well as the reservation
system, were such a success, and traffic increased so
dramatically, that the College added HuddleVU’s in the
Library’s lower three rooms as well. These more recent
installations, just as the initial ones, took place all in one
day and came in under budget. According to the College,
the rooms “just work” for the students. John Jay’s Library
Services division initially expressed concerns about
increased help desk calls resulting from the dramatic
increase in technology, but all proved unfounded. The
HuddleVU’s are so intuitive and reliable that the students
have been able to operate them with minimal instruction,
and without asking for outside assistance. Even adapters
and cables are available via the library desk if necessary.
In all, it was a simple and affordable system installed
smoothly within a day.

John Jay College now has a userfriendly,
self-contained system designed
for group study. Students are
able to use the HuddleVU system
immediately following a few simple
instructions, and are equally at ease
using it for group projects, studying
or displaying their work on the

Lin says, “Students are extremely
happy with the equipment — they are
really enjoying it. It has been a great
experience overall.”

Looking Forward
The school anticipates a lot of collaboration
amongst students when
they have group projects and looks
forward to adding systems as space
becomes available.
Lin added, “I would recommend that
our IT department consider this product
for their conference rooms. ”

About the HuddleVU System
The HuddleVU system allows for multiple users to share and view their laptops, tablets, and smart phone screens
on a main display. Unlike conventional presentation systems, anyone participating can be a presenter or the
audience at any given time at the push of a button. LED's indicate which user is currently active and when the
system is busy to each other. Typical applications include: Classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, educational
facilities, corporate, teleconference rooms, learning centers and training rooms.

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full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless scaling switchers and HDBaseT signal
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