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Key Digital KD-BYOD4K Wireless Presentation Gateway an InfoComm Hot Product

MOUNT VERNON, NY – The KD-BYOD4K Wireless Presentation Gateway from Key Digital, the leaders in digital video and control systems, was featured all three days of InfoComm 2021 as a Hot Product in the InfoComm Daily. The innovative KD-BYOD4K presentation system enables full and multi-presenter modes for content to be easily cast from various laptops, tablets, or smartphones to any designated display or projector via Wi-Fi for an effortless and smooth presentation experience.

With the inclusion of KD-BYOD4K in collaborative presentation settings, multiple participants may present and cast content simultaneously and without the hassle of wires, effectively breaking down the barriers previously encountered with switching between and incorporating multiple formats and software. In multi-presenter mode, up to four presenters may share content simultaneously using the automatically-adjusting screen layout. Presenters using Windows computers, Mac computers, and Android devices may cast with the KDPlay™ software and app, while those contributing from an iOS device natively cast with AirPlay. The KDPlay™ application is easily loaded onto laptops from the unit’s web page or by plugging in the included KDPlay™ Flash™ for auto launch.

KD-BYOD4K features annotation, moderator management, and touchscreen and mouse control for a true interactive experience. Overlay tools are employed on the annotation and white board screens for real-time collaboration featuring screen captures that are downloadable via QR codes or in the web browser. With moderator management the administrator can easily start and stop selected device casting via the convenient collapsible dock on the side of the display featuring content thumbnail previews and names of paired devices. Utilizing the touch screen and mouse forwarding features allows a connection by USB to the unit to point to and click on the desired casted device. This functionality impressively works with up to four presenters at once, offering superior ease of collaboration.

“Key Digital carefully analyzed and debated integrating wireless casting into our existing presentation switchers, and we ultimately decided to keep the technology external and available at a price-point unmatched in the industry. With KD-BYOD4K, wireless casting can now be easily integrated into any of our systems as an external source,” said Masha Lakhter – COO. “We wanted to ensure a simple and seamless collaboration effort for presenters and moderators alike. We are proud that the InfoComm Daily recognized how our KD-BYOD4K ticks every box and provides amazingly intuitive moderator tools while still allowing the quick and uncomplicated connection that contributing presenters expect when bringing their own device. It’s the best of both worlds wrapped up in an ultra-clear 4K experience.”

Web GUI administration allows access to the unit setup, moderator, and security tools on web browser through LAN. Support documents and app downloads are also all available through this administrator web GUI.

Audio of the casted devices are de-embedded at the unit’s analog L/R audio connector for ease of integration with audio amplification and mixing systems.

KD-BYOD4K’s dual network ports enable access via public and private network for easy internet access. With POE the device may be powered using the supported LAN port. The simultaneous secure dual network ports enable concurrent connections to public and private networks for ease of guest access without compromising security. The three-level security factors include casting and pairing pins, device-type permission options, and AES-256 and RSA-1024 encryption. KD-BYOD4K outputs at 4K/UHD to the display for optimal clarity of spreadsheets and data content.

KD-BYOD4K joins Key Digital’s extensive and constantly expanding product family of Presentation Solutions. Key Digital’s comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem has the answer to any presentation need for every market and installation.

The KD-BYOD4K is priced at $741 (U.S.) and is available in-stock.

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