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Mackie announces second wave of audio solutions products as part of Unmuted Campaign

MC-40BT Wireless Headphones, OnyxGo Mic™, EleMent Series EM-91CU+, and Thrash Professional Loudspeakers

Bothell, WA – November 16, 2021: Mackie, a leading producer of high-quality professional audio products, announces second wave of products in its Unmuted campaign: Thrash Professional Powered Loudspeakers, OnyxGo Mic™, EleMent Series EM-91CU+ USB Microphone, and MC-40BT Wireless Headphones.

Mackie Unmuted 2 is here,” said Matt Redmon, Director of Product Marketing at Mackie. “This launch features exciting new products, furthering our quest to offer the best in audio solutions for our customers. Our MC-40BT Wireless Headphones, OnyxGo Mic™, EleMent Series EM-91CU+, and Thrash Professional Loudspeakers are powerful tools for music lovers, creators, and musicians alike.”

The Thrash™ Powered Loudspeakers are designed for musicians looking to take their gigs and rehearsals to the next level. Both models, the Thrash212 (12”) and Thrash215 (15”), are made for modern musicians, loud vocals, screaming guitars, and face-melting keytar solos.  The 1300W ultra-efficient D-class amplifiers provide comparable performance power, as users can enjoy wall-shaking, reliable sound up to 1 Price: $299.99-$349.99 (MAP)

The OnyxGO Mic is an integrated, compact, wireless mic and app ecosystem that supports on-the-go interviews, podcasting, live streaming, and calls. It is a completely self-contained, no-fuss wireless mic system, with no need for a receiver or added cables, users can simply pair it, clip it on, and they’ll be ready to rock. The companion OnyxGO app offers powerful capabilities like phone call recording, noise reduction, voice effects and EQ, AI-powered subtitle generation, and the ability to mix your voice with Bluetooth® audio. Price: $119.00 (MAP)

The EleMent Series EM-91CU+ USB Condenser Microphone takes the great sound and quality of the EM-91CU and takes it up a notch, improving the recording quality from 16-bit/48kHz to up to 24-bit/96kHz. The new microphone also includes an onboard mute function and headphone output that makes it even easier to get the perfect take or get silent on the fly. Price: $79.00 (MAP).

MC-40BT Wireless Headphones allows users to experience the incredible detail and clarity of the MC series, now with the freedom of being 100% wireless. The built-in high-quality microphone allows for clearer phone calls, video chats, streaming, and more.  The MC-40BT Wireless Headphones also have easy controls for volume, play/pause/skip, and phone call control, and feature USB-C fast charging. Price: $149.99 (MAP).

MC-40BT Wireless Headphones, OnyxGo Mic™, EleMent Series EM-91CU+ Microphone, and Thrash Professional Loudspeakers will be sold on and at participating retailers. Please see the Unmuted 2 launch video for more information.

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