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Marshall Showcases Latest PTZ Innovations at NAB New York 2023

POV Models and Audio/Video Monitoring Products will also be on Display

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 23, 2023 Marshall Electronics will be highlighting a range of its cutting-edge, PTZ cameras, miniature and compact high definition POV cameras along with its latest monitors at NAB New York 2023 (Booth 223). Marshall offers a wide selection of camera solutions for its customers, including the new CV620-TBI/TWI auto-track and follow PTZ camera as well as its latest high bandwidth model, the CV730-BHN/WHN.

The CV620-TBI PTZ camera is designed to auto-track and follow presenters using more natural Pan/Tilt/Zoom movement methods with AI accuracy. The CV620-TBI uses new facial recognition technology and intelligently learns motion dynamics of the subject and anticipates movement. This removes much of the guess work for camera intelligence reducing late or inaccurate maneuvers that require corrective adjustment, greatly minimizing viewer fatigue and motion sickness.

The CV730-BHN Full-NDI® PTZ camera incorporates the premium Full NDI® FPGA while also offering the benefits of NDI|HX3 and standard IP (HEVC/SRT) streams. It features a premium Sony 4K sensor with 9.2 million pixels and back-lit square pixel technology designed behind a long 30x optical zoom range (6.5~ 202mm). It also has support of BT.2020 color gamut for wide and precise color reproduction suitable for high-end productions. The CV730-BHN has streaming options of Full-NDI, NDI|HX3 and standard IP (HEVC/SRT), while also offering two simultaneous SDI (BNC) outputs 12GSDI + 3GSDI with genlock sync, as well as HDMI and USB3.0 options when the application demands it.

Marshall is also featuring its miniature and compact POVs (CV570/574 and CV370/374) that are great for capturing unique angles and can’t be captured with a manned camera, as well as its new digital pan tilt and zoom camera (CV420Ne). Marshall will also be featuring a selection of its audio and video monitoring products at NAB New York 2023, including the recently shipping V-702-12G quad monitor.

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