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Martin Audio CDD Deployed in Santo Domingo’s Peperoni Restaurant

A full complement of Martin Audio CDD speakers and SX subwoofers was installed in Santo Domingo’s elegant Peperoni restaurant by Sound Video Lighting.

Sound Video Lighting (SVL) has installed a full complement of Martin Audio CDD speakers and SX subwoofers in Santo Domingo’s elegant Peperoni restaurant and bar to ensure consistent coverage and the highest level of sound quality.

Describing the venue, SVL’s Jonathan Del villar explains: “Peperoni is a very popular restaurant serving what is essentially international cuisine in a variety of styles. Owner Jean-Pierre Bahsa used to be a club owner who knows that business very well. He had gone to Bachata Rosa, a popular restaurant in Punta Cana owned by singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra and was very impressed by the Martin Audio system that we had installed there.

“Since we are friends, he asked us to work on the project early on during the planning stages which was good because we were able to have significant impact in terms of everything that has to do with technology–the audio, video, WiFi and security systems.

“In terms of the audio, the owner wanted a good system with small speakers that could be loud and clear when required. Basically, there are four main areas in the restaurant with audio systems. On the first floor, they have a large dining area with high ceilings, then an indoor bar with lower ceilings and a cozy party ambiance where the music gets louder later at night. On the second floor, they have two separate areas for private parties.”

To provide the consistent audio coverage and quality required, SVL designed a system with six white Martin Audio CDD8 in the main dining area, three per side, mounted horizontally on the walls facing down with a SX212 subwoofer mounted behind an air conditioning vent. In the bar, there are four CDD8 in black mounted in the corners with an SX212 subwoofer underneath the center of the bar.

Each private room on the second floor is equipped with eight Martin Audio C6.8T ceiling speakers and a ceiling mounted SX112 subwoofer. Everything works off a centralized system with a Yamaha MTX5B multiroom processor functioning via Dante with over 96 AVIO audio insert point adapters. The program material comes from computers running music profile services that are then fed to the Martin Audio amplifiers and speakers.

Asked about the results, Jonathan sums up: “The sound and coverage is excellent throughout the downstairs area and upstairs rooms. We used Ease Focus software to predict the speakers’ interaction and coverage and show the owner exactly how the system would perform.

“He is very happy with how the system turned out in terms of the coverage and audio quality. We’ve brought many prospective clients to the restaurant so they can hear how good the Martin Audio system sounds and we’ve gotten some good projects from those demos.”

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