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Matrox Extio 3: World’s First IP KVM to Extend Eight Systems Across a Remote Dual-4K Workspace

MONTREAL — November 19, 2020 — Matrox® Video is pleased to announce the availability of 4K tile view—a new KVM functionality in the Aggregator Mode multi-system control feature with its Matrox Extio™ 3 IP KVM extenders. Designed to optimize control room workflows, 4K tile view enables operators to access, share, and control up to eight Full HD (FHD) systems over a one Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network from a dual-4K workspace using a single keyboard and mouse. By connecting to and switching between multiple server-room-centralized systems via a streamlined setup, operators can view information from more systems simultaneously for timely and accurate decision-making and smooth operations.

Control more with less

Operators in process control, industrial automation, transportation, utilities, security and surveillance, military and defense, and broadcast environments require access to multiple systems to monitor and/or analyze different information sources. Extio 3’s new tile view feature equips these operators with advanced multi-system control by extending and displaying up to four FHD systems on a single 4K monitor or delivering up to eight FHD systems across two 4K displays. By moving the mouse across a multi-display desktop, operators can dynamically switch from one source system to another.

Secure transmission. Easy deployment.

Extio 3’s encryption support and password-protected environment through Active Directory® authentication ensure secure and safe data transmission of all audio, video, and USB signals over the network. Built into Extio 3, Aggregator Mode eliminates the need for software installation on the source system or additional hardware devices, further minimizing failure points while also saving on additional costs.

“4K tile view is a natural extension of Matrox Extio 3’s continuous evolution in bringing cutting-edge KVM operational efficiencies to its customers,” said Caroline Injoyan, business development manager at Matrox Video. “Multi-system KVM extension and switching to a remote 4K or dual-4K workspace over standard one GbE networks augment operator workflows as they benefit from a more complete and unified view of available resources.”

4K tile view availability

4K tile view in Aggregator Mode will be available as a free Extio 3 firmware and Extio Central Manager software upgrade at the end of Q4 2020. For more information or to request a demo, please contact Matrox.

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