A Medialon Show Control system for the spectacular night-time “Big O” show at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea

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marine-themed Expo 2012

has opened in May 2012 for a three-month run in

Yeosu, South Korea

. The icon of the Expo is “


”, a landmark constructed to give visitors an insight into the expo's theme, including experience zones hosting large-scale events and cultural performances.


- a French-based company specialized in creating and producing major events and shows around the world – was in charge of designing the entire “Big-O” show as well as the O structure. The artistic and technical production of the show was also part of ECA2 mission.

During daytime the “Big-O” is a giant sculpture that will remain after the Expo as a symbolic landmark. By night, it is the centerpiece of a unique show that embraces the Expo’s themes.

The O itself features a water screen inside the outer rim, which shows films and other videos. The outer rim also produces special effects, such as laser shows.

[caption id="attachment_32669" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="A© Julien Panie"]

[/caption]ECA2’s team designed the O as a mysterious object that could have emerged from the ocean itself. It glints in the sunlight like a jewel over the lagoon. Modern materials such as concrete and steel are harmoniously combined to lend the structure an almost organic appearance.

For the “Big-O” night-time show, the

Medialon show control system

synchronizes hundreds of devices and special effects, creating an immersive show that plunges the audience into the heart of a sensory narrative.


Medialon Manager V6 PRO show control software

allows controlling and synchronizing the following:



- 24x moving water cannons (360A°)

- “Cascade Screen”A®, a 45-meter high water curtain which is the biggest and tallest one ever built in the world

- hundreds of water jets

Special effects


- 24x flame generators

- hundreds of mist nozzles

- 5x lasers

Lighting and video


- 58x moving heads (1 500W) in weatherproof casing

- 6x video projectors (35 000 lumens)

[The “Big-O” show is definitely one of the main attractions at Expo 2012 where millions of people from around the world will to visit.


Design - Creation - Production Director & Producer: Jean-Christophe Canizares from ECA2

Head of Operations & Technical Director: Guillaume Duflot from ECA2

Screenplay, Artistic Director & Show Director: Moira Smith from ECA2

Big-O Architecture: Mark Fisher

Control: LCSS, ECA2

Watch a video of the breathtaking “Big-O” nigh-time show here:

\"Big O\" night-time show at Yeosu Expo 2012, South Korea

For further information, please visit :








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