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Middle Atlantic Leads With New Designer™ Technical Furniture Layout Software

Las Vegas, NV–– Middle Atlantic Products is introducing Designerâ„¢, an industry-leading layout design software package, to accompany its visionary new line of technical furniture, the Viewpointâ„¢ Console System. This free program for console design and room layout features simple, intuitive use that incorporates many common operating system commands.

Designer software allows users to quickly and easily create a ViewPoint console, desk or video wall layout with high-quality graphics, providing a realistic depiction of the environment being designed. Middle Atlantic partnered with a number of users in the software’s development stages to create a platform with valuable and practical functionality.

Features include a full color console and room design, ergonomic Line-of-sight tool for ideal operator placement, the ability to export to AutoCADA® in both 2D and 3D, the option to add notes and labels to the design and automatic updates that ensure the software is always up to date. As a sales proposal tool, Designerâ„¢ software will also prepare a full retail quote and detailed design specification. It is currently available as a free download from

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