Minnesota College Upgrades With Audient ASP4816

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Minneapolis, MN – Hennepin Technical College (HTC) Audio Production students have been the beneficiaries of a recently installed Audient ASP4816 console in one of the school's studios.

“Students have already noted that the simplicity in design and operation is easier to wrap their heads around than virtual controllers and ‘layers’ that may be found on some of the digital equipment in other rooms,” says Matt Holmes of the Audio Production Faculty.

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This is thanks in no small part to David Dearden’s intuitive design. Replacing a 24-channel digital desk, HTC’s new Audient console provides an upgrade to Studio B in the Audio Production department. The desk boasts all the features of a large format desk in a compact ergonomic form, with all main input channels presenting renowned Class A mic preamps and 4 band EQ. 

Holmes cites the analogue circuitry in particular as helpful to degree and diploma tutors highlighting the signal path. “The dedicated functions on the channel strips are useful in teaching students signal flow in their productions. So far, it has been useful in demonstration how an in-line mixer operates and is integrated into a modern DAW workflow,” he explains. 

He also acknowledges that the competitive price of the ASP4816 played a part in the decision process. “We had demoed an Audient desk a few years ago and it got the members of the department thinking about implementing an analogue desk workflow as the centerpiece of one of our studios.” Happily, it got the nod from administration, as well. 

Hennepin Technical College is the largest stand-alone technical college in the Minnesota State College System, offering more than 45 fields of study between the Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie campuses. It is also reported to be one of the most affordable colleges in the state of Minnesota, and boasts between 5,000 and 6,000 students annually, up to 70 of which pass through the Audio Production studios. 

Supplied by Vintage King LA, the ASP4816 has been so well received, that plans to upgrade another studio with a large Audient ASP8024 desk are already in the pipeline.




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