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Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) is pleased to announce that it has revamped its innovative Polymotion Chat automated camera control software to provide new tiered access points to its ground-breaking technology. Alongside two products aimed at high-end users, Polymotion Chat Studio and Polymotion Chat Broadcast, the new Polymotion Chat Pro will open up the technology to a whole new range of users in the live events, corporate, education, and House of Worship markets.

Polymotion Chat is an innovative solution that uses a specially-developed computer vision engine to track subjects using PTZ cameras or robotic pan/tilt heads. The system provides reliable and consistent shots, allowing, at the entry-level, non-video professionals to focus on getting their message across without worrying about camera control, and at the high end enabling increased studio automation and single operators to manage multiple cameras in socially distanced working environments.

The new Polymotion Chat Pro is a cost-effective solution that provides camera tracking for 1-3 cameras and offers slow, refined movements that simulate the moves made by a cameraperson. An easy-to-use interface provides support for MRMC and third-party robotic heads (including PTZ cameras) from most vendors, including Sony, Panasonic, Birddog, and more.

It is a more sophisticated solution to the problems of using automation to track studio presenters and guests than the facial tracking systems typically deployed. The Polymotion Chat computer vision engine detects limbs and builds a virtual stick model to track the onscreen talent, allowing the system to deal with people turning their back on the camera, occlusion, and ensuring that the system doesn’t get confused by other faces.

“Polymotion Chat Pro brings sophisticated tracking technology into the reach of a whole new range of users, allowing the corporate, live events, education, and House of Worship sectors cost-effective access to world-leading camera automation,” comments Paddy Taylor, Head of Broadcast, MRMC. “As the system is automated It allows non-video professionals to focus on their content, rather than having to worry about staffing levels and ensuring that cameras are being controlled effectively.”

Find out more about Polymotion Chat here


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