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Music Mix Mobile Positions Itself for Ongoing Growth in 2022

— Led by industry veterans Mitch Maketansky, Joel Singer and Jay Vicari, Music Mix Mobile (M3) continues to expand and posture itself for ongoing growth in the coming years by offering advanced remote recording facilities for music and live broadcast shows along with dedication for unparalleled customer relations — 

FRENCHTOWN — Music Mix Mobile (M3), a full-service remote recording facilities company that combines the talents of award-winning production professionals and state-of-the-art audio solutions, continues to grow due to a leadership vision that incorporates an astute understanding of the entertainment markets it serves, and an unparalleled level of long-term customer relations. Despite the upheaval in the entertainment industry over the last two years during the pandemic, M3 has spent any downtime amplifying its technology investments, and it has emerged an even stronger company who is thriving during one of the most disruptive times in our industry.

“In addition to our Eclipse and Voyager remote recording trucks, over the last year we’ve made a major re-investment into Phoenix, our latest creation, with a Lawo MC56MKII system, 48 fader surface and NOVA 73 DSP / IO Rack,” stated M3 co-founder Joel Singer. “We have connectivity for 168 channels of Lawo preamps connected to the truck via Ravenna Link, a Waves SuperRack System, Pro Tools, UAD Live System, TC6000, Eventide Eclipse and M&K monitors – it’s an awesome system.” At the same time, M3 acquired two smaller frame Lawo MC236 consoles, a 24-channel and 40-channel configuration transported in road cases, allowing M3 to handle smaller shows and events with the same level of audio quality and streamlined workflow.

But equipment is only part of the equation. Having the right staff in place is another key element to M3’s success. “Throughout our history, we have built a staff of extremely talented technicians. Peter Gary, Brian Flanzbaum and Corey Hilton are simply the best in the business. Fortunately we were able to retain them all throughout the last two years,” stated M3 co-founder Mitch Maketansky. “The same people show up all the time to all the gigs in the key positions. We work with only the best freelancers, and we’re very particular about who is on our team. That combination provides our clients with not only a very high level of expertise but also a high level of comfort because of the consistency in our staff.”

In addition to their full-time staff, freelance Pro Tools operators Teng Chen and Caroline Sanchez, and GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Eric Schilling have spent more than their fair share of time working on high-profile shows in the M3 trucks, including the Latin GRAMMYs, Global Citizen Festival, CMA Awards, I Heart Music Festival, and most recently the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards, held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where the M3 Eclipse and Voyager trucks were on site. “This year’s GRAMMY Awards were the first live GRAMMYs we’ve done in two years, and it was really good to be back and to have M3 there,” stated Eric Schilling, co-broadcast music mixer for the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards. “I’ve been working in M3’s trucks for pretty much as long as they’ve been around, and their trucks are extremely well maintained and thought out in terms of system design and workflow. And their crew, because I’ve worked with all of them at some point, are really good at what they do and very focused on their jobs.” He continues, “When I’m in those trucks, it brings comfort to me, knowing that I don’t even need to think about whether I might have some quirks or workflow issues that I have to get around. And having Pro Tools operators like Teng and Caroline, whom I’ve worked with before and who both come from Saturday Night Live – were great to have on site at this year’s GRAMMYs, as they are both very experienced. And because they’re used to doing live broadcast with SNL, you can’t really rattle them because they know what it’s like. It’s a great team.”

Pro Tools operator Caroline Sanchez echoes Schilling’s thoughts: “When I was at William Paterson University studying audio, I did my internship with M3, and once I graduated, I ended up freelancing with them doing gigs like IHeartRadio festivals, IHeartCountry, the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden, and so much more. I get to work with people who are at the top of their game. Working with M3 is an excellent experience any time, and I really mean this: anytime I get to work with M3 staff or Joel, Mitch, Jay or any of those guys, I always walk away feeling as if I’ve learned something and I’ve made my toolkit and my knowledge base that much bigger. And I think those are the type of people you want to be working with. That’s why I’m so grateful to have ended up on their short list, their freelancer short list.”

“I love working with M3, and I believe they have some of the smartest, most competent people in the industry,” commented Pro Tools operator Teng Chen. “I’m constantly amazed and impressed by the knowledge of their EICs (Joel, Brian, Pete, etc). The trucks are always 100% prepped for the job when it arrives, and we’re able to accommodate any curve balls that get thrown at us. M3 also always has the best broadcast mixers on the board. As a mixer myself, I always learn something new from the mixers just by watching them work their magic. I feel truly blessed that the recording and playback system at M3 are bullet proof, and that I never have to worry about running into any Pro Tools issues, which I encounter SO often in other workplaces. Our record and playback setups are very straightforward, powerful, efficient and reliable, which is so important in a live show environment as you only have one shot to get it right.”

Jay Vicari (M3 Lead Mix Engineer) reflects on the last few years and is encouraged about the future for M3 and his team. “The past two years has been trying but also a really good period for M3,” stated Vicari. “We did the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions, iHeart Awards, NBA All-Star Game, Love Rocks New York, iHeartRadio ALTer EGO 2022, Miley Cyrus New Year’s Eve event and this was our 13th year doing the GRAMMY Awards, to name a few. Given our recent investment in technology and our people, we believe this is the perfect recipe for continued expansion and growth in the coming years.”

Photo caption: Members of the Music Mix Mobile (M3) audio team at the 64th GRAMMY® Awards: Pictured L-R: Eric Schilling (co-broadcast music mixer), Teng Chen (Pro Tools operator, M3 Eclipse truck), Caroline Sanchez (Pro Tools operator, M3 Voyager truck) and Pete Gary (Engineer-in-Charge, M3 Eclipse truck). Photo courtesy of the Recording Academy®/Getty Images.

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