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Nexo debuts P15 Model, L18 Sub Bass

Nexo has introduced its new P15, a 15” coaxial loudspeaker for front-of-house (FOH) and monitoring applications.

New York, NY (December 16, 2020)—Nexo has introduced its new Nexo P15, a 15” coaxial loudspeaker for FOH and monitoring applications, as well as an adjoining sub bass, the L18.

The P15 features the same curvilinear enclosures of custom birch and poplar plywood unique to the P+ Series. The 2-way passive/active speaker delivers 139 dB (Passive) to 141 dB (Active) SPL from its purpose-built 15” Neodymium magnet coaxial driver with a 3.5” voice coil.  The new speaker’s frequency response is 57 Hz-20 kHz. The P15 weighs 23 kg (approx. 2.2 pounds) and measures 600 x 483 x 352 mm (approx. 24 x 19 x 14 inches).

A switch on the back of the cabinet enables the P15 to be reconfigured from passive to active mode, taking SPL output from 139 dB to 141 dB (peak). Horn flanges, with their variable directivities, can be interchanged from the 60° x 60° provided as standard to a 90° x 40° or an asymmetrical 50°- 100° x 40°.  (The interchangeable flanges are marketed as accessories.)  Switching between different directivities is achieved by removing the steel grille and replacing the flare, which uses a magnetic fixing.

The P15 includes large handles on each side with a 35 mm pole-mount fitting with a Speakon connector and threaded inserts to connect mounting accessories. The backplate holds two more Speakon connectors and the recessed switch to change the cabinet from passive to active mode. The Installation version of the P15 is passive only, with a cable gland for a two-core cable for audio input, ensuring IP54 protection.

Nexo also introduced the L18 Sub Bass. The sub is a compact horn-loaded sub-bass model with a high-excursion 18” woofer. It matches the efficiencies of the P15, offering an extremely high output level (140 dB Peak). The P15 can be used either on a pole-mount with the L18 cabinet, wall-mounted, or flown in landscape mode beneath an L18 enclosure, using a specially designed yoke bracket.

Built around a custom-made 15mm bent plywood shell, the L18 weighs 50 kg. It shares the same range of accessories with other models in the P+ Series. The P15 and L18 models are available in black and white structural paint finishes (all other RAL colors by request) and Installation and Touring versions.

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