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The Parliament of Luxembourg Enters a New Age and Moves from Analog to Digital

Luxembourg is a modern, cosmopolitan, lively city on a human scale. The marks left by the past merge with a contemporary world on the move. This scholarly mixture is one of the components of the city’s identity: a meeting place for cultures with a rich historic past. Within the city, The Chamber of Deputies (Chambre des Députés) is the unicameral national legislature of Luxembourg.  The Chamber is made up of 60 seats. Deputies are elected to serve five-year terms by proportional representation in four multi-seat constituencies. Voters may vote for as many candidates as the constituency elects deputies.

The Chamber of Deputies in the Parliament of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg had to be renovated. The renovation project touched multiple aspects of the facility and required that not only the furniture be updated and changed, but also the conference technology (that was still analog) needed to be thoroughly modernized. An important condition for the project was to build in flexibility so that the space could double as an additional reception room as well as support other events of the Grand Duke. With this in mind, all of the communication technology had to be easy to remove and simple to re-install with minimal effort. Paramount to the project was the reliability of the communication and A/V systems as these systems enable the deputies working within the rooms to seamlessly communicate, work on documents, use the internet and vote with the new system.  Finally, an additional requirement for the project was that the microphones needed to operate autonomously, without the entire system being started.

The following equipment was installed as part of this project:

(90) Clockaudio gooseneck microphones type C34E Halo RF with matching activation switch button

(2)          Biamp Tesira Server-IO AVB
(20)        Tesira EX-IN
(21)        Tesira EX-LOGIC
(3)          Tesira SIC 4
(4)          Tesira SOC 4

The deputies log in to the system with a PIN and this also serves as an attendance control.

The installing company Sittig programmed a special software for the Parliament that allows the deputies to communicate, vote via a touchscreen and control all of the equipment in the environment. In addition, Sittig relied on the conference technology of industry leaders and project partners Clockaudio and Biamp. Using network based products and cabling, wiring costs and time were substantially reduced and the chamber space to be used flexibly.

 Clockaudio is proud to be an integral part of this prestigious installation at the Luxemburg Parliament, and would like to thank ProdyTel Distribution & Sittig for their contrbution to this case study.

This case study was created to highlight a significant past Clockaudio installation.  Information for the study was obtained from a previously published case study that was translated to English.  The original write up  can be found here.  

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